5 Tips to stay positive during the pandemic


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The resent situation is a challenge for everybody. We have a covid-19 pandemic where everybody tries to do their best. For many of us, the best means to stay home in a lockdown and not having contact to other people, so the infections can be under control.

It is a challenge for the world, for the state, for companies and for every single person. Everybody can at least have a positive impact in their private daily life and if possible of course for their surroundings. The mindset and mental health is a very precious good in the resent situation. We are facing loss, failure and many bad news every day which affects us deeply at least emotionally. It is very helpful to have a positive mind even in hard times because it makes us humans more resilient for everything that comes up.

Take a break from news

We have life tickers for the corona-development and get updates all the times. The density of news is very high. What we easily forget is that the majority of the news is telling negative things and not focusing on the positive changes. We can easily get lost in all those news which takes our mood down. It is very important to know when it is too much of it. If this is the case, take the courage to take a break from all the news and focus on your own well-being. If there are news which are relevant you will hear from them anyway. Staying in the present and focusing on the daily life will give you a more sensible and attentive feeling for yourself and your surrounding and will help you to recharge your energy which was absorbed from the high consumption of news.

Set a personal schedule and goal

Many people now have to stay in their homes without having a regular schedule of work and their private activities. It is your own job to make a personal schedule and a goal what you want to succeed. Having a routine will help you to manage your things, whether you are student or working from home and having your kids around. The more structure you give yourself the more organized it will be. Most of the people feel more safe and good when they have their structure and routines. This can be different for others. But we all have a set goal in common, which we work for and motivates us to continuously move on.

Do what makes you feel good

Very important is that you do the things which makes you feel good. Some people do exercises, others are reading or doing creative arts. Whatever it is, what makes you feel emotionally or physically good and happy, do it! Now is the chance to spent time on learning doing things for our own well-being. In the normal daily hustle, we forget to take time for our soul. It is a hint for everybody to focus on the own emotional well-being.
Go for a walk, listen to your favorite music, read a book, watch old pictures, do some meditations or yoga, listen to yourself and feel it how your soul recovers and spreads the positivity in your body.

Be in contact with your loved ones

Being in contact with your loved ones does not mean that you should meet all your friends now! We have various alternative ways how we can stay in contact with our friends and family. Use zoom or any other video-call app or call them from your phone. Send your loved ones a letter where you share some positive thoughts with them. Try to stay in contact but still keep the physical distance.

Help your way

Not everyone is a nurse or a doctor and can work on the front line, but everybody can help their neighbors with small things. If everyone is doing one help for somebody else, it has a big impact in the world. Supporting others and feeling the impact you made, will give you more transforming positive energy and means a lot to the helped ones.
In times like this, each and every one can take the time and Energy to change and help even on a small level.

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