7 Habits Of Successful Women

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The world is a patriarch! The predominant structures in most countries is under the power of men. There are very view examples of matriarchy where woman lead communities and decide about the politics and the economy. In the major dominance of men, women nowadays start to emancipate themselves more and more. This sadly does not mean that there is a social equality between men and women.

To reach this status it will take more centuries of offensive transformation of the social, political and economic structures. Taking even small steps will finally bring us to a world with an equal status of women and men and all other genders.
We checked out habits of successful women. Successful women describes all those who see themselves as fruitful in their very own way without creating a picture of how a successful woman has to be.

Challenge yourself

Take challenges, to grow! For your own strength, it is a great exercise to challenge yourself in various ways. Move forward in your comfort zone, leave through the fear zone into the learning and growth zone. This will help to get to know yourself better and realize what you are capable of.

Be proud and confident

A basic attitude every woman should have is to be proud and confident. Sometimes people think they are not allowed to be confident because they are female. This conjunction should be changed. A woman and a man has both the same rights and rationalization of being confident and proud.

Be independent

There still exists the understanding that a woman needs somebody who helps her and takes care of her. That is an image which has to be transformed in the image that the woman is an independent human being who has the power and energy to reach everything on her own. Being independent does not mean that you should not have a partner who helps you or friends who support you. Independence means that you can stand on your own feet and move without depending on somebody.

Be honest

Be honest with yourself and with others. It will make yourself strong, it will make you accept your real character and gives everybody else the possibility to get to know YOU with your true personality.

Hold out for the best no matter how long it takes

Some people say: Get what you can get now! We would say, know your own worth and wait for the best! The best will come, even it takes some time. Trust yourself and don’t take anything which is not your value.

Don’t let people disrespect you

This is connected to the attitude of being confident and proud. Don’t let anybody hurt or disrespect you. Accept the things in a way of a criticism which helps you to reach your better self but try to not get hurt from anybody.

Never give up

Not every day is a perfect day, this is how we distinguish the good and bad days. Don’t let yourself down on the days where everything seem endless. Take them to relax and breath to get energy for the next day to get off to a flying start.

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