A Chat With The Director Of NGMG LTD Publisher Of Nubia Magazine!

A Chat With The Director Of NGMG LTD Publisher Of Nubia Magazine!

A Chat With The Director Of NGMG LTD Publisher Of Nubia Magazine!

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Nubia Magazine! is one of the websites I follow; the publication piques my interest when it comes to articles about celebrities and entertainment; they’ve published several insightful and controversial articles. According to the website, the digital magazine accepts contributions from authors and editors from all over the world who write on the most searched topics by netizens, which keeps it interesting for me.

However, the publication lacks adequate information on its origins and management, leading to controversies surrounding the impersonation of another magazine named ‘Nubia’ on Twitter a few weeks ago; however, I did my research and discovered there was no impersonation because the two magazines have similar names but different themes and ISSN numbers, and one is defunct while the other is active. 

An announcement was shared on the acquisition of the publication by a new UK media company named NGMG LTD which prompted me to ask for an interview about the mechanics and operations of the platform from the new management, after a few days, I was able to get an interview with Mr. Apata Bayode, the majority shareholder of NGMG LTD, a new publishing company.

You may enjoy our short conversation below.

QUE: Thanks for having this chat with Think7figure

ANS: You are welcome

QUE: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

ANS: My name is Apata Bayode I am an investor, I mostly invest in online businesses and startups.

QUE: UK companies house directory lists you as director of NGMG LTD, the same company that just acquired Nubia Magazine! tell us a little about that.

ANS: That is correct, Nubia Magazine! is the second online media platform NGMG LTD has acquired since incorporation, our goal is to fund and improve the most promising media platforms/websites on the internet. I am the director and majority shareholder of NGMG LTD, co-owner with other shareholders.

QUE: Why Nubia Magazine?

ANS: Nubia Magazine! is a platform with a unique theme of publishing on all popular topics surrounding global culture something they have been doing impressively for almost 2 years now, the idea of pushing such a platform to bigger heights sounded great and promising.

QUE: Can you tell us more about its origins?

ANS: The publication was acquired from Mrs P. Weatherspoon who registered the new serial in the United Kingdom alongside her fellow editors who made the first issue in January 2020 the magazine runs with the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN: ISSN: 2752-7557) information known to me is that the magazine has been working with several contributors and editors from different countries around the world since its first issue.

QUE: Do You Run The Magazine Now?

ANS: No, NGMG LTD is mostly here to help fund and promote the ideas of the platform, I and my fellow investors are not much involved in the operations of the platform, we are not here to change the theme of the publication but to improve it and hope to see great commercial success in the nearest future. Mrs P. Weatherspoon and representatives from my team are determined to work together to achieve a better global reach and coverage.

QUE: This Nubia Magzine! is often confused with another defunct magazine of the same name in the UK can you clarify that?

ANS: Yes. I was made aware of an issue similar to that and according to the information I could pull the other Nubia Magazine was a print magazine launched in 2008 and it was dissolved in 2013, it was a magazine about people of colour and has nothing to do with this Nubia Magazine! According to Mrs Weatherspoon, she noticed there was another Nubia Magazine in the UK when trying to register the newly formed Nubia Magazine in 2019, it was also noticed the Magazine stopped being active in 2013. Our digital magazine is officially registered in the UK under the name Nubia Magazine! with an exclamation mark at the end and was issued the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN): 2752-7557 While the dissolved magazine was registered under the name Nubia Magazine with ISSN:1759-8788, these are two different publications with different themes. As to the misconceptions of impersonation, there is nothing to it, there is no point in impersonating a publication dissolved 8 years ago with no popularity.

QUE: Some say the name ‘Nubia’ is attributed to black people, why the name Nubia?

ANS: ‘Nubia’ was a place and civilization that existed a long time ago which was one of the earliest civilizations in the world. Nubia Magazine focuses on Modern civilization and Global Culture and because of this, I was told the decision was made to name it after a notable extinct civilization, a lot of names were considered, like the Maya civilization, The Indus civilization and the Nubia civilization. A lot of things and brands are named after Nubia, e.g the Nubia Smartphones and more.

QUE: Any plans for the future?

ANS: Can’t say much here, as I said earlier we are not too involved with the operations of the media platform we are only here to support and promote it to bigger heights, the magazine has a board of people from around the world who decide on future plans and ideas, we intend to keep it that way. Thanks.

QUE: Last question, can you disclose the figures of acquisition

ANS: No, sorry that’s private. Thanks for the chat, bye.