A Process of Efficiency- Optimizing MRO and inventory

mro optimization

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The growing global economy with various types still asks for a continual increment. The economic processes are based on an ongoing Optimization. The goal is to have a growth of the economy without putting more effort. Production processes should be efficient on a high level and the supply chain should be stable, so customers will be satisfied and will push the demand.

The functional interaction between demand and offer has a big impact for the economy. Therefore, the economy tries to influence this system by offering the best for the lowest price and control the demand.
For each and every company producing goods or offering services, it is substantial to be competitively viable. There are various processes to make the work more efficient and optimized. Professionals analyze the potentials and offer plans for implementations to reach commercial efficiency. The best case would be an improvement in all sections of a company: the production, the supply, the bureaucracy, the personal department, any kind of management, the sale and much more aspects. Every small optimization will economize time, capital requirements and all forms of risk.
Sections which are absorbing a lot of different resources when it is not optimized is the Maintenance, Repair, Operation (MRO optimization) and the inventory of a company. This might seem like a more unimportant area, but actually has a big impact and can increase the competitiveness of a company, especially in the industrial production.

The MRO describes the maintenance, repair or replacement and operation with indirect requirements in a production. The indirect requirements like tools have a high attrition and usage and should be managed organized and efficient to keep the expenses low and not unnecessary spending a lot of resources and capital.

To optimize the MRO, the potentials should be identified. Production processes and related MRO-processes should be analyzed. The company have to ensure a high security of supply and still save Recourses, costs and time. There should be an ongoing condition monitoring to prevent failures and identifying the efficiency of the state. The analyze should be followed by applying new optimized procedures and implementing transformed ways of processes.
An aspect which can help reducing costs by indirect requirements are customized inside-offers. The supply chain for the indirect needs always have to be safe and fix. If the supply chain breaks it will lead to conditional breakpoints in the production which will bear more expenditure of time and money and will maybe cost you customers.

The same applies to inventory optimizing which is closely connected to the MRO. Having an inventory which contains a lot of in-stock products, which is not effectively used, causes a lot of unnecessary expenses. The inventory management should plan the requirements, reduce the diversity by improving production processes. The stock of inventory should be examined and reduced to the actual needed things. In the same time, there should be the balance between stock minimum, a stable supply capability and an absolute reliability. The balance between these three aspects will set capital free and will lower the stock-risk and on a long term it will keep the capital requirements keen.
Summing up, the optimization of the MRO and inventory of a company will increase the efficiency and effectiveness, strengthen the resilience and boost the economic competitiveness.

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