Simran Hotchandani Sanon

Simran Hotchandani Sanon (aliases: Simran Sanon, Simran H Sanon, Simran Hotchandani, among many others to save face) is a transsexual Belizean-Indian woman who married American-Canadian citizen, Deven Sanon in a highly suspicious set of circumstances in June 2023.

Not only was the wedding conducted purely for social media as a facade for US and Canadian immigration authorities, but it would seem that the wedding was beyond Simran Hotchandani Sanon’s means as the transsexual woman now finds herself scraping the barrel of her personal finances in resorting to posting gigs on Fiverr.

The troubles seem never-ending for Simran Hotchandani Sanon who graduated with a well below-average 2.5 GPA from McGill University. Not employable for a decent career even at the point of her wedding, Simran Hotchandani Sanon continues to remain unemployed whilst misrepresenting her skills and experience on Fiverr for extra cash to pay off a duplicitous lifestyle.

The debt of a lifestyle beyond the deliverability of her skills set in both academia and the workforce is second nature to Simran Hotchandani Sanon.

The misrepresented, misleading and thereby fraudulent gigs on Fiverr, given her lack of educational qualifications and experience, is only the tip of the iceberg of Simran Hotchandani Sanon’s criminal practices. 

The Hotchandani family of Belize is riddled with a history of crime and Simran Hotchandani Sanon is flag bearing her generational pattern with immigration fraud, education fraud, employment fraud, and tax evasion.