Anthony Turco Shares Tips On Digital Marketing to Create Thriving Real Estate Business

Anthony Turco

Anthony Turco

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Anthony Turco is a well known local investor out of Michigan. With his kind gesture to every individual and humbleness, his word of mouth business continues to grow. For Anthony, customer satisfaction is always the priority. Having a growth mindset, Anthony has the eagerness to learn every day and scale a business in diverse ways. Even during the pandemic he loves executing digital marketing strategies to build a thriving business. Here’re some of his tips that any entrepreneur can carry out to maximize the business growth:

Content and Social media marketing

According to Anthony “ The first and straightforward ways, to showcase you and your business is legit, is through content and social media.” It’s researched that the customers have to see the service at least seven times to make the purchase. Various reasons impact and drive a potential buyer to make the final decision. “Having online pages like Facebook, Instagram, and more serve as the social proof and boost trust in clients to hire you as the service provider” says Anthony.

Content marketing is crucial for every business. While a social media post might fade away or lose it’s ranking within a couple of hours of publication, unlike that content published on an official website or digital magazine/blog remain for ages. With the strategically created articles having keywords on the heading, meta description, informative content, high authority backlinks, boost your Google ranking. That puts you and the business as one of the leading brands in your field and can bring thousands of customers.

Video and email marketing

“People prefer to watch videos rather than reading 2000 word articles. This is why many people prefer to buy online courses to enhance their knowledge” says Turco. Over a billion hours of Youtube videos are watched every single day. That is one of the reasons why many businesses focus on creating video content. A single viral video has the potential to generate over a million dollars in revenue.

Anthony mentioned “ The engagement on videos is higher than other forms of marketing. Any individual can create short video reviews of products or services. A Partnership with similar niche influencers on video promotion can increase revenue from the first hour of publication”. Where email marketing plays a vital role for staying in touch with clients and upselling the product without much hassle an email list is a strong foundation for a thriving business.

Digital marketing has numerous branches that provide an easy route for Real Estate entrepreneurs to get new leads and turn them to clients. Anthony concludes: The deeper we go towards digital marketing, the further gems we receive.