Barbara Wayman, Disrupting The PR & Marketing World With BlueTree Media, LLC

Barbara Wayman

Barbara Wayman

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Few entrepreneurs understand the vision of customers and consistently deliver to fulfill their expectations. In the internet marketing world, businesses try to shine with their initial appearance but often put less focus on developing their services. For customers, it’s always better to work with experts and get the desired result rather than waste money and time with an amateur. 

Enter Barbara Wayman; thought leader, published author, influencer, visionary and successful entrepreneur. Walking her true path, Ms. Wayman has been an example to many. She has been featured in numerous international publications for her work. She believes that whoever works on their passion will get the respect and success they deserve. Recently her company BlueTree Media, LLC won an Impact Company of the Year Award for making a difference for her clients.

Often people try to mimic the business of their friend or another individual with the mindset to earn quick money. But in the long run, they can’t handle the industry because they don’t have the passion to learn and grow every day. Being genuine and knowing the “why” is the reason that allows entrepreneurs to create business excellence.

According to Barbara “One can build a successful business by having a growth mindset and a passion to provide quality service to customers.

Barbara Wayman

Today Barbara is successful because she never gave up on her dreams. She kept working on her interests and the things which make her happy. Original and engaging content is the specialty that has differentiated her from other businesses. This, combined with hope, belief and hard work have helped her to become successful in the PR and marketing world.

“When you love something so much, you will never lose interest in exploring more about it. Every day you’ll learn new information which will lead to becoming a true authority and expert. This manifests in your business and allows you to thrive.”Barbara Wayman

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur don’t start a business to make money. Think of the problem you care about and can solve. Numerous businesses fail because they focus on their revenue, not customers, when in reality, the positive change you bring to others through your business will be the key to success.  

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