Black Business Initiative helping you to build a thriving company

Black Business Initiative helping you to build a thriving company

Black Business Initiative helping you to build a thriving company

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New businesses can be hard to grow and thrive at the same time. To unlock the potential of your business, you need experts getting involved. Whether it is a coach or an agency, welcoming support will make the business stronger. Doing this can also shorten the time to reach the desired goal and remove the risk of failure. 

Meet Jice Johnson, founder of Black Business Initiative, U.S Army Veteran, speaker, and coach. She has also been the 2019 BDJ 40 under 40 winners and featured on numerous international media for her motivational work.

In the competitive world, it’s difficult to run a business safely. Most of the companies fail within a year or two. And if it is specially targeted to black businesses the success rate can be significantly lower. This is why companies like Black Business Initiative are important to bring equity in society and business to support those who have fewer opportunities.

Being from a black community or background is considerably hard to live a normal life amongst white people. You never know when someone will be accused of harassment or the police will try to handcuff you without a crime. Living a normal life with these fears can be traumatic and the children can never break the mental barrier to feel equal amongst others.

If you are going through this, starting a business to secure a living can be difficult. This is why when you are building a black business you need support from your community.  

If you are from the black community and want to start a business, there is no better person to reach out to than Jice Johnson. She has experienced the lows, struggled, and pushed herself to become one of the successful women in business today.

Black Business Initiative provides you with a complete solution for running a successful black business. Whether you are starting from scratch or have been in business for quite a long time, their service can help you to level up and generate better results on investment.