Bold Grooming Disrupting the Male Grooming Market

Bold Grooming Disrupting the Male Grooming Market

Bold Grooming Disrupting the Male Grooming Market

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From the beginning of human civilization, a beard has been an important feature in men’s looks. Many people believe that a well-groomed beard has boosted their confidence in numerous ways. From a woman’s perspective, a bearded man is strong, mature, and attractive. In society, bearded men usually command a level of self-assurance and respect.

Enter Bryan Godfrey – founder and CEO of Bold Grooming. Based in Santa Monica, CA, Bryan has created a thriving business and is on a mission to impact millions of customers with his innovative beard kit products. Bryan believes that growing and taking proper care of a beard helps individuals become a better vision of themselves. A person who takes care of his look and adequately presents himself is often appreciated.  

Beard care is self-care. It helps you maintain a disciplined routine that builds the foundation to accomplish anything you desire. – Bryan Godfrey 

There are numerous misconceptions about having a beard. One of the biggest probably centers around cleanliness and unruly, un-styled looks the more facial hair you have. This is why proper grooming of your beard is essential. When you look sharp, you will feel good about yourself. This is one of the significant factors that can help you create a successful presence. Looking good and feeling great with a well-maintained beard can help you achieve that.

Bryan Godfrey believes that having a well-groomed beard can help the younger generation in many ways. With Bold Grooming, he provides a high-quality product and creates awareness about building self-confidence from an early age. It’s a philosophy connecting with bearded audiences across the US and drives his commitment to enhancing the men’s grooming industry. 

Self-confidence is an all-important aspect of our life. Bold Grooming products invite men to achieve inner and outer beauty with a simple 3-step daily routine. – Bryan Godfrey

For beginners or even experienced men, finding the right product for beard care can be challenging. This motivated Bryan to create a simple 3-step routine with natural skin-sensitive formulas that eases daily beard self-care routine. Godfrey is a pre-med student turned passionate entrepreneur who inspires young men to feel the best version of themselves with Bold Grooming. The company has quickly become one of the most on-trend providers to young men starting their grooming journey and is set to add new skincare and haircare 3-step kits to the product collection in the coming year.