Book Review: The Beasts and the 4 Demigods

The Beasts and the 4 Demigods

The Beasts and the 4 Demigods

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From the mind of Jonathan Gatsby, The Beasts and the 4 Demigods unfolds an exhilarating tale of a fight between mighty demigods and even more powerful beasts that roam the universe. It’s a book that nobody will be able to put down. This is the introductory chapter of the epic saga “Wars between Angels & Gods,” commencing a vast young adult fantasy franchise that will succeed Harry Potter. You read that correctly. Packed with action and heroic adventure, this book is a gift to a world desperately in need of a thrilling escapade.

Well-crafted and beautifully written, the story reveals a twisted yet curiously captivating account of an ancient legend set in the modern age. Gatsby’s ability to interweave Greek mythology with a contemporary perspective is laudable. It seems effortless but meticulously planned and riveting beyond measure. In every chapter, he paints the scene perfectly, inviting the reading into the underworld, never wanting to leave. Gravitated by this book, I found myself guilty of gluttony. Excessively feasting on Gatsby’s imaginative mind. His impressive storytelling received my utmost admiration and praise. He is at the top of his game with this one.

As suspenseful as it is, this book contains a great educational value. Gatsby’s extensive knowledge of ancient mythology and religion is reflected heavily here. Intended to be for children and young adults, this book hits a magnitude wave of appeal. With subtle messaging that requires reading between the lines, one can fully appreciate the story’s philosophical aspect.

Never a dull moment in The Beasts and the 4 Demigods. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one.

Jonathan Gatsby

The Beasts and the 4 Demigods

By Jonathan Gatsby

238 pages. Gatsby & Noel Publishing. $24.99