Botox, Clinical Micro-needling, PRP … unattainable Luxury beauty Treatments?

Annie Boatright founder of Bikini Iron Beauty

Annie Boatright founder of Bikini Iron Beauty

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Many people are spending thousands and thousands of dollars regularly on expensive clinical beauty treatments to turn back the hands of time, but is it really necessary?

As Bailey Bowyer, the administrator over at BIBA would say, “ that’s a hard NO”.

Meet Annie Boatright, founder of Bikini Iron Beauty and partnering CEO of Lux Lip Lab . She is a women on a mission to help people gain confidence through self improvement.

Annie is a CEO, entrepreneur, beauty influencer, and a leader.
What’s impressive about this women is that she is really on a mission to change lives .

She is helping people around the world to feel better, look better , and to become the best version of themselves. In the words of Annie, “they call it VANITY. We call it preserving what the good Lord gave ya”

Annie and her company ( Lux Lip Lab) have redefined the standard and made beneficial beauty treatment affordable and feasible to all people.

The company provides the highest quality Korean skincare product sourced directly from manufacturers in Seoul Korea .

Now people do not have to spend thousands of dollars for unsatisfactory Botox, clinical micro-needling, PRP, lazer hair and pigment removal and other treatments.

Let’s break it down. Botox in the USA can run you a pretty penny . Upwards of 13$ an i u in California the average person uses approximately 50 units for a full face of Botox. Many also treat the neck which would be roughly around an additional 50 units of Botox. So say you’d like to run to the clinic and get your full face (which is eyes, between the eyes and forehead) treated along with the neck . At 13$ a unit this would run you about $1300. Botox is a neurotoxin which lasts roughly around 3 months.

Keep that figure in mind . Bikini iron Beauties are sourcing Korean brands of neurotoxin for .6 -.8 an iu . Ready for the full face and neck BIBA figure ? Drumroll please …

Approximately $60-$80 .

So you tell me . Are we really just paying for the clinicians fancy cars and offices ?

This world is clearly beneficial to the clinic owners, not the clients.

All of these treatments will need to be repeated . One can plan to visit the clinic again in just a few months to repeat . BIBAS find it not only comfortable but very convenient to be able to follow up a pigment lazer treatment with a second or top off a Botox treatment that needs a tad more from the comfort of their own homes .

Annie mentioned, “Every woman is beautiful in their own unique way, and it can be maintained with proper diet and healthy habits”. As a person who has inspired numerous women around the world, she has become an excellent example for people who want to bring positive changes and self confidence in life.

Through watching inspirational and informative content made by Annie, Women and men around the world have been able to transform into a better version of themselves.

If you are looking to make some positive changes for the upcoming year but do not want to break the bank , join the Bikini Iron Advance group. The education and the journey will be life-changing.

You can check out Annie’s Instagram at @bikiniiron and see her posts titled the faces of BIBA for actual group members results.

Also follow her on YouTube where she shows her own DIY journey !