Business Coach Cristian Voinea’s Advice For Business Owners Struggling To Scale

Business Coach Cristian Voinea's Advice For Business Owners Struggling To Scale

Business Coach Cristian Voinea's Advice For Business Owners Struggling To Scale

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Cristian Voinea is a business coach who has been helping companies grow their top line every single year. How is he able to do this? In order to truly understand why he is so effective, let’s look at his past years.

Within his 20’s, he created a business with a fellow friend and within less than 2 years business grew so much that they were offered a six figure deal to sell the business. He took that capital and invested it into his next business idea.

Cristian Voinea has consulted for some of the top Franchises in Europe, once of which was looking to go back to the top where it used to be. They had major success a few years back but due to poor management and client acquisition were now failing. When Cristian came in, they were just looking to get back as number 1 in their area. Not only was he able to get them back on track, but they exceeded their highest year’s revenue and won several awards as No1 Selling Agents in the area.

In his latest business, he was helping Purple Bricks, a real estate company grow their presence and sales in Scotland. When he started, it was just him, grinding and putting the work, day in and day out. Cristian assembled a team of 25 others and helped Purple Bricks become one of the top Real Estate companies of that area.

So what has been his secret to all of this?

Cristian Voinea is a master at time optimization, among other crucial skills needed in business. One of the best stories he mentioned to us was working at a restaurant with 7 others for a service of 300 customers. He was able to get the staff down to 3 people total to service those 300 customers.

“I just see patterns and am able to make the changes quickly. Most business owners like to stop and think. Thinking is an action but it only affects you. When you actually take action, that is when change is produced. I need people to optimize what they are already doing. Can you get more done with less? Are you able to make more calls if you don’t go talk to someone every five minutes? That is my gift and how I help others scale. There are so many parts of your day that are not needed or that will bring you a better result. “

To learn more about Cristian, visit his website.