Capturing the Perfect Shot with Personal Branding Photographer, Lea Prokopowicz

Lea Prokopowicz

Lea Prokopowicz

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Lea Prokopowicz is a photographer specializing in personal branding photography and the owner of Images by Lea. She grew up in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) and, at an early age, started experimenting with BW photography in her father’s darkroom. Little did she know, it was going to shape her future. 

In her late 20s, Lea moved to the US, where she met her husband. Originally from Poland, they never crossed paths until they both moved to the US. The couple has relocated back and forth to Europe but decided to settle in California with their two now teenage children.

“I got inspired to take photography classes at the local college and never looked back.”

Lea rediscovered her love of BW photography during college. She switched to digital photography and sharpened her skills along the way. From YouTube videos to college courses to mentorships, Lea exhausted every resource to hone her craft. In fact, she still meets with her classmates from the masterclass created by the branding photographer and educator Wendy K. Yalom, to improve her practice and learn new techniques. 

Lea Prokopowicz
Lea Prokopowicz

Consequently, Lea started her first business as a family photographer.

“I saw the opportunity to create a business out of my photography. Doing what I love, creating my own schedule according to my family and kids’ needs, and working with great inspiring people was the perfect blend.” 

Lea’s unparalleled work ethic and versatility made her one of the industry’s highest demanded photographers. She has the amazing ability to capture the perfect shots while maintaining a relaxing and delightful atmosphere.

After meeting Rachel Burch, her life coach, Lea’s professional career took a new direction. Rachel introduced Lea to personal branding photography and encouraged her to pursue it, helping entrepreneurs and small businesses create a brand identity and market their vision. 

Since then, Images by Lea has helped countless professionals and organizations produce key visual content to reach their target audience. Lea’s candid approach brings out the best in her clients, allowing them to showcase their maximum potential and unique personalities.

For Lea, it’s all about creating a comfortable photoshoot environment and ensuring that her clients are happy. By creating a personal connection with her clients, she makes them feel at ease, have a blast, and be confident while looking their best in front of the lens. 

“Everyone has a distinctive brand, meaning that we all do things in our unique way. One of the most important things for me is how I interact with my clients. I listen and deliver. I always encourage them and make them feel comfortable. I make sure we both have fun while working together, and that they ultimately love their images afterwards.

Lea doesn’t only produce excellent photographs; she also teaches her clients on how to become more photogenic. She shares with them tips and tricks on how to pose, angle their body to make them feel more confident and powerful in their photos. 

Images by Lea is now adding a new service, Retreat Photography. As a yoga and meditation enthusiast, Lea incorporates those passions into her photography.

“I felt so excited about the idea of becoming a Retreat Photographer serving to capture and produce beautiful memories of transformation, healing, and special moments of the retreat experience.”