Cassandra Cadorin, The Women Behind The Success Of CanTicket

Cassandra Cadorin, The Women Behind The Success Of CanTicket

Cassandra Cadorin, The Women Behind The Success Of CanTicket

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The female founders in tech are creating most of the revolutionary companies that are making the world a better place. If we look at some of the top businesses, numerous companies have female CEOs or leaders. It has also been seen that women are more successful than men in the tech world.

One of the excellent examples of successful women in the international tech business is Cassandra Cadorin. The story of this Australia-based entrepreneur has inspired females around the world and has encouraged them to pursue any career without worrying about gender. 

Cassandra is the founder of the tech company CanTicket, where the user can natively track time against charge rates and run detailed reports on one platform. With this tool, anyone can work from any part of the world from any device, in real-time. Because of her innovative work, she was recently named one of the Top 20 Tech Female Founders To Follow by the Silicon Valley Times magazine.

CanTicket helps businesses monetise time and manage their clients, projects and teams. It’s the one tool that every business owner, company, and freelancer needs to manage the team and work effectively. 

Rather than other similar applications like Asana, Trello,, and more, CanTicket has differentiated itself by providing more value and services to small businesses than any other platform at an affordable price.

What’s impressive about Cassandra is that she is always active to support small businesses and freelancers to grow their businesses. That is why her company CanTicket provides basic packages for free. 

Cassandra believes every business should have access to the resources that help them to grow and succeed. And she is on a mission to help small businesses thrive. 

Using CanTicket, businesses have been able to reduce the cost of various software subscriptions, capture lost expenses, increase billing and reduce account management emails and phone calls using its built-in CRM and virtual request desk.  The tool supports 1-40 employees and multiple departments. The software is in the Cloud which makes it highly secure to use from any device or place.  

The world of business is moving faster with digitalization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. For agencies and businesses who want to be competitive and profitable, having CanTicket as a business tool is a must. You can try it for free today and start saving with all in one tool.