CEO Moe Rock Shares Leadership Principles to Help You Thrive in 2023

CEO Moe Rock Shares Leadership Principles to Help You Thrive in 2023

CEO Moe Rock Shares Leadership Principles to Help You Thrive in 2023

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Warren Bennis once said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” By that metric, today’s guest is a testament to that title. Moe Rock, the CEO of a national legacy brand, the Los Angeles Tribune, is here to help redefine the way people look at leadership by introducing a new way of thinking that is as holistic as it is practical. Considered an expert in leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity, Moe has appeared in numerous international media outlets including Forbes, ABC, LA Weekly, FOX, Yahoo Finance, Digital Weekday, Thrive Global, CNN, and Influencive.

Moe began his career as a producer, earning international acclaim along with a Gold Record. After learning what it takes to build a global brand and a business, he quickly pivoted and entered different investment opportunities and Fortune 500 corporate strategic partnerships as a consultant. His storied career eventually led him to being the CEO of a historic brand— The Los Angeles Tribune. He has spoken with some of the biggest names in Business and Personal Development, including sharing the summit stages with the likes of Bill Gates, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Kevin Harrington, and Lisa Nichols. Today, we have the ability to pick his brain regarding the theme of leadership.

THINK7FIGURES: Thank you for joining us, Moe. Firstly, how do you define leadership?

Moe Rock: It is my pleasure. Leadership ultimately can be defined by results. All else is theory. Leadership is the ability to make a lasting positive impact in life and in business. 

THINK7FIGURES: What in one word is a common problem people in positions of power have?

Moe Rock: Trust. Trust in the people that they are working with and also simultaneously the ability to foster trust back on to them. Building trust requires consistent practices of integrity. With integrity as the foundation of all leadership, the building blocks of trust can be built. When a leader does not trust those that he/she is leading or if they are not trusted, true leadership can never be fostered.

THINK7FIGURES: For someone that is currently working a job that they are disgruntled with, what words of advice can you give them as they pursue their path to entrepreneurship? 

Moe Rock: I would first say that if they are feeling disgruntled, it may not be because they have a job but because the job they have is not aligned with their purpose. Just because someone goes into business for themselves does not guarantee peace of mind. Living a life of purpose does. When you are living your purpose and doing what you are here to do, this will lead to fulfillment and peace of mind. Focus on meaning over money. For anyone that wants to take that leap into entrepreneurship because they found their calling, I would say the most important word to remember is courage

THINK7FIGURES: What is the most important quality for a leader to remember in today’s world?

Moe Rock: It was Walt Disney who said, “You can have the most beautiful dream in the world, but it takes people to build it.” By far the most important quality is to recognize the right people. People that are heart-centered, talented, and have a loving approach to life are the gems of life and business. Know them, appreciate them, and find ways to work with them.

THINK7FIGURES: What final words of wisdom can you share with our audience?

Moe Rock: We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are. This is a powerful truth from the Talmud that everyone can learn something from.

Moe Rock can be found on Instagram. He will be featured at the upcoming Best You EXPO in Los Angeles as well as the Money Forum Live co-hosted by Nasdaq TV associates.