CEO Shares Success Tips in New Book Dominant Thoughts- Things Grow Where Our Mind Goes

CEO Shares Success Tips in New Book Dominant Thoughts- Things Grow Where Our Mind Goes

CEO Shares Success Tips in New Book Dominant Thoughts- Things Grow Where Our Mind Goes

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CEO and Real Estate icon Chris Heller has authored a new best- selling book Dominant Thoughts. Chris, the former CEO of Keller Williams Intl. was pleased to share in the book his road to success and why mentoring and mindset is crucial. He believes that success is based on attitude, approach, and expectations. In the book the readers will learn how important their thoughts are in determining their success with very specific lessons/takeaways. 

Dominant Thoughts was co- authored by Dr. Greg Reid, an internationally known renowned speaker, filmmaker and published author. Dr. Reid has been featured and co-authored over 100 books in 45 countries. Reid has had an impressive 28 bestselling books including Three Feet From Gold and Wealth Made Easy.  These books are another must have for your library.
Heller and Reid’s book, Dominant Thoughts details the principles and practices to create success in sales and leadership relationships.

  • Eliminate the option called failure.
  • Negative thinking is always more powerful than positive
    thinking; we have to eliminate it.
  • Discipline is critical for having and maintaining a strong
  • A major portion of our success is based upon these three words
    … attitude, approach, and expectations.
  • To create a stronger mindset, spend less time comparing yourself to others and more time trying to attain what is in your business plan.
  • Be the best you can be – If I am going to do it, I’m going to give it my all—anything short of that never feels good.

Heller includes a section in the book that brought tremendous success to he and his team and their road to success.  

Mindset constitutes 90 percent of what it takes to be successful.  A strong mindset keeps you on track when fear, insecurities, and worries threaten or cloud your judgment.  A weak or negative mindset will never produce positive results.  What you focus on expands. Focus on good, and more good will come,” Heller.

CEO Shares Success Tips in New Book Dominant Thoughts- Things Grow Where Our Mind Goes

Chris built one of the most successful real estate teams in the United States, from his selection as Rookie of the Year to being the top-producing agent in San Diego County, CA and ultimately the #1 Keller Williams associate in all of North America. Chris has succeeded in a highly competitive marketplace through his leadership, drive, and ability to assemble and empower high-performing teams. Named President of KW Worldwide in 2010, Heller launched the company’s first regions outside of North America, leading Keller Williams to record productivity and profitability. His vision and leadership helped grow the Company into the most dominant worldwide real estate franchise in history.

We asked Chris as the former CEO of Keller Williams International if Real Estate investments or sales are a good career path to reach 7 figures?

He responded, ‘Yes, real estate as a career or as an investment are a great way to create a 6-7 figure income. Real Estate sales creates the opportunities for real estate investing. And real estate investing is one of the best paths to wealth creation.”

Dominant Thoughts :

  • Show up
  • Don’t Worry What Others Think
  • The Mindset of Success
  • Under Promise and Over Deliver
  • Discipline

“Read this book if you want to do BIG things, read it and you’ll trust your gut, take more action, and be inspired to fulfill your potential, GO!” Tom Ferry- # 1 Real Estate Coach, NY Times Best Selling Author

Get inspired from a business icon, Chris Heller,