Cory Rosenthal – Young Entrepreneur Disrupting the Fitness & Sportswear Industry

Cory Rosenthal - Young Entrepreneur Disrupting the Fitness & Sportswear Industry

Cory Rosenthal - Young Entrepreneur Disrupting the Fitness & Sportswear Industry

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To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to have a strong work ethic and know how to manage your time. You also need a good amount of patience, determination, and courage.

Meet Cory Rosenthal, an entrepreneur who is currently disrupting the fitness and sportswear industry. He is the founder of Rose Fitness (a gym that provides personal training, nutrition guides, and supplements) and Gym Hazrd (which offers premium fitness apparel to magnify consumer workouts). 

Rosenthal is a passionate entrepreneur who has a vision for the future of fitness and sportswear. He is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services that will help them achieve their goals. He is also passionate about helping others achieve their dreams, and his company commits to providing its customers with the best service possible.

There are a few key things that made Cory a successful young entrepreneur. His dedication, quality service, and he always come up with a plan rather than giving up when things don’t go accordingly. In addition, he also stays up to date with the latest technologies and trends, so that he can continue to add innovation to his business.

Rosenthal‘s experience with his business Rose Fitness (which he started at the age of 17) taught him that there are many ways to bring innovation to the fitness and sportswear industries. His background in fitness and entrepreneurial spirit motivated him to develop a company that would provide a healthy, affordable alternative to traditional sports clothes and equipment.

Gym Hazrd is a company that was born with the idea to provide the best possible sportswear for athletes of all levels. They use cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to create their products, which are sure to give you the best experience while training.

Cory‘s success in the fitness and sportswear industry is not luck. Here are the five pieces of advice he shared that will help you to become successful in any industry.

  • Be patient and consistent. Successful people are always working on their projects, even when they feel like they can’t do anything else. They’re not just sitting around waiting for the perfect opportunity to come up; rather, they’re constantly taking action and trying new things to improve their chances of success.
  • Be organized and efficient. No one is born a great organizer; it’s something that you learn over time. The best way to get started is by being organized and taking care of your tasks as quickly as possible so that you can move on to the next step in your project.
  • Have a positive attitude and be passionate about what you do. Successful people have the same attitude as those who are struggling – they’re fighting for something important, even when it feels like there’s no chance of victory at first glance. They know that if they keep pushing themselves, they’ll eventually find their way to the top, no matter what obstacle stands in their way (or who stands in their way).
  •  Stay focused on your goals. Successful people are always working towards larger goals, not individual ones. They know that if they’re able to achieve their larger objectives, the smaller ones will pale in comparison.
  • Be prepared to change your plans and strategies. For some people, change is always a good thing – it means that they’re constantly learning and growing, which is always beneficial for their project. However, for other people, change can be a difficult experience – it can mean that they have to adapt their methods and strategies to the changing environment, which can be difficult and time-consuming.


For many, success feels like a never-ending cycle of hard work and dedication. However, if you’re passionate about your goals, you can break the cycle and achieve your dreams. Passionate individuals are often able to take on new challenges and learn from their failures in order to improve their skills and techniques. This can lead to success in whatever field you choose to pursue.