Dan Lok shares unique ways to increase sales

Dan Lok shares unique ways to increase sales

Dan Lok shares unique ways to increase sales

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There are various ways businesses or entrepreneurs create a sales funnel. Some marketing campaigns work but it can’t be promised that all efforts on different promotions will bring back the desired result. Some people love to invest money to get the best return. They hire professionals to create ads and generate sales. Others try to build personal brands and sell their products/ services. Either way, these both work in business to increase sales. A combination of these strategies maximizes the opportunities to get more customers in your business.

Enter Dan Lok, known as King of Closing. He has established himself as one of the most followed business consultants, entrepreneurs, and influencers. He has over 4 million social media followers and his video has received over 1.7 billion views. Dan is a self-made Multi-millionaire and teaches others to become financially free through his podcast, blog, and YouTube. 

Here are some of Dan Lok’s unique ways to increase sales. 

Know your existing customer

Once a customer buys something, you need to keep a proper record of it. Numerous entrepreneurs try to make quick sales and often seem to ignore customer data. That is something as an entrepreneur you need to avoid. See in business customers and sales are all that matter. If they don’t buy your product, you have no business. But once you provide them a high-quality product which they feel proud to own or solve clients problems in an effective way. They will be more than willing to buy your next product. 

In today’s digital era, everyone is trying to sell something. There is huge market saturation. If you want to make a good income then you have to sell something that is a high ticket. To be able to sell high-priced products you need to start from the low ticket. When the customer has no idea about you, it’s difficult for them to trust with their money. Having the client who has purchased a low ticket product helps the business to send details of a new product which now has higher chances of being sold. This is why knowing your existing customer is essential. 

Build authority

As we discussed before there is competition in every niche. To differentiate yourself from others you need to build visibility and authority. That can be done by creating a personal brand or content marketing technique. Your content should reach targeted audiences regularly and make them feel you are the solution to their problem. Building authority takes time but to make this process rapid, collaboration with influencers should be one of your first priorities.

Quality service

This is by far the most important factor to increase sales in your business. When you provide a quality product, customers seem to recommend it to their friends and family. This kind of advertisement works the best for every business. When you invest in making your product or service the best, you have to spend less on advertisements. To maximize your sales not only do you have to have quality in your product but also in customer service. Clients love to work with businesses whose staff are friendly and customer inquiries are taken seriously.