Developing A Business Owners Mindset To Earn Seven Figures with Norvin Lopez

Norvin Lopez

Norvin Lopez

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The million dollar question is “How can I make a million dollars?” Everyone wants the answer but when it is presented to them, they do not accept it. Why?

We spoke with Norvin Lopez, a successful businessman, who creates and gives people the opportunity to create a 7 figure income. When we asked him what it takes, the answer came unexpected.

We have heard people say it takes grit, others say work ethic; However, Norvin didn’t mention either of those.

Seven Figures Is A Mindset

“If you want seven figures, you need to believe you are a seven figure earner. Simple as that. That is the secret and that is the main reason very few people end up earning that much in their lifetime.”

Norvin continues “It is so simple that no one wants to listen. They think its complicated. There must be a thousand step process and you must be born gifted they think. However, it is nothing like this. Those who believe they can, end up getting all they want and more. Think like a broke person and you will remain broke. Think like a millionaire and you will accumulate wealth like never before.”

Remove The Mental Chains

We were left curious. What does a person do who wants to take this advice seriously? What makes one person successful in applying this mentality, while others who hear the same message fail?

“In order to understand the Seven Figure mentality, you need to stop taking advice from people who do not have seven figures. Those who have accumulated wealth do not doubt, they do not question whether an opportunity is good for them for months, even weeks.”

“We have given people opportunities to earn more,” He adds. “There are those who take it right away and crush it within the first week of joining the business. While others tell us they need to think about it and go on with their same jobs, making the same income, getting a dollar raise every year. That is the difference. Some act, some think. You do not get the results you want but thinking, second guessing yourself.”

Your Time Is Now

Norvin Lopez has confirmed with us that he appreciates anyone reaching out to him and wanting to start a conversation about improving their way of life. He is dedicated to helping and leading those in need into prosperity.

To contact Norvin, follow him on this platform.