Exclusive interview with Dr. Amber Drake, A Renowned Canine Behaviorist

Amber Drake

Amber Drake

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Cat or dog? Hamster or parrot?- 

Our society is obsessed with pets. People define and push their social status with different breeds of cats and special dogs. Besides this status symbol, having an animal living with you can ease loneliness, reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Pets play an important part in our lives and we have to be aware of the responsibility which comes with an animal. To create a pet-friendly house, the owner should take trainings and effective courses, or least know primary ways to care for the pet. This improves hygiene between the pet and family members and will furthermore prevent problems in the cohabitation. There is a need for the creation of an animal compassionate world.

Do you consider yourself a dog whisperer? Do you have the feeling that you can impact the business sector with your passion about animals? You have a lot of experience with pet care and medication and behaviour of animals like dogs? Then you are right here! 

If you aspire to build a pet-care business or think of starting your own business idea, comprehend that you can have a successful career. You might feel overwhelmed with the saturated market but focusing on quality will lead you to the growth.

Enter Dr. Amber Drake, A Canine Behaviorist, world-renowned Canine Behaviorist, Author, and Professor.

Amber has written several guidebooks (that assist the owner to understand & strengthen their bond with pets). She has been featured on various publications and has spent the last 10 years working with dogs professionally.

What’s commendable about Amber is her determination to help new animal scholars grow their business and create more impact.  In this exclusive interview, she shares her advice on rewiring a business mindset for success.

Hello Amber, we’re thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us the single most influential factor in your business’ success?

The single most influential factor in my business’ success is simple; my family. My family was my inspiration to push myself to the limits and continues to be to this day. You need to have a ‘why.’ Why are you doing this? Why did you choose this field? Why do you want to become an entrepreneur?

We are entering an era where everyone is interested in multiple income streams. How does one decide on a business to pursue?

It’s all about the passion. Find out what you’re passionate about and go from there. The revenue will follow by following that passion through dedication, consistency, and persistence.

What advice would you give to someone asking for advice about becoming an entrepreneur?

I once watched an inspirational video Will Smith released and I am sure many others have as well. In that video he says, “don’t be afraid to fail. Fail often, fail forward.” As an entrepreneur, I know that to be of the utmost truth. In the beginning, it’s all about trial and error as to what works for you. You learn what type of entrepreneur you are, who your target audience is, what works, and what doesn’t. Do not be afraid to fail. Learn from that mistake or failure and utilize it to build upon.

How can you be reached if someone is interested in your products or services?

If someone is interested in my products or services, there are a number of ways to get ahold of me and/or learn about the various branches of my organizations. I’ll include the URL’s below:







I am also available via my Facebook Business page at https://www.facebook.com/specialistamberdrake.

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