Dr. Cheryl Wood and Les Brown Welcome Dr. Jonas Gadson to the YOU ARE ENOUGH! Powerhouse Stage June 25-27th

Dr. Cheryl Wood and Les Brown Welcome Dr. Jonas Gadson to the YOU ARE ENOUGH

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When Two Living Legends partner to create an awe-inspiring Jam-packed 3-Day Virtual Conference; global audiences can expect nothing less than the brightest and best Powerhouse speakers to grace the stage! Our behind-the-scenes media/pr team @jesuscoffeeandprayer had the distinguished opportunity to connect with just a few of the dynamic featured speakers in preparation for the YOU ARE ENOUGH! Virtual Explosion that will take place June 25th-27th!

Media Team:

Welcome to YOU ARE ENOUGH! Dr. Jonas Gadson

Tell our audience a little bit about yourself:

Dr. Jonas Gadson:

I am Dr. Jonas Gadson, DTM – Known As “Mr. Enthusiastic!” International Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Radio Personality, Author and Expert Communication Coach! I worked for two Fortune 500 companies, Xerox Corporation and Eastman Kodak Company. At Eastman Kodak, I trained 8,000 employees from 69 countries and earned the “Trainer of the Year!” Award. I spoke for the Wonder Woman Tech Virtual Summit in London, England, and I have a Doctorate Degree in Theology. I was inducted into the Beaufort High School Alumni Hall of Fame for distinguishing myself in “profession, leadership and service!”

Media Team:

How did you get connected to Dr. Cheryl Wood and this Epic National event and book project: You Are Enough?

Dr. Jonas Gadson:

I met Dr. Cheryl Wood in 2020, we both were on the same program virtually, as speakers at the Black Speakers Network Online Summit. I took her Masterclass and another class she taught, Speak & Write. From it, I became a co-author along with 42 other authors in the book anthology, I Am A Victor presented by Dr. Cheryl Wood, which is an Amazon Best Seller! Then I was invited to participate in this project, “You Are Enough!” with Dr. Wood and Mr. Les Brown!

Media Team:

What advice would you give to an aspiring National/International speaker?

Dr. Jonas Gadson:

My advice to a young speaker entering the speaking and training arena would be:

(1) Make sure that they have a strong faith in God! (2) They must invest in themselves and then work harder on themselves than they do on their job to grow personally and professionally!

Media Team:

Shifting gears~ How has your faith, personal & professional career prepared you to thrive in your business/or speaker platform/or author platform?

Dr. Jonas Gadson:

My faith in God is everything. The scripture says that a good man leaves an inheritance for three generations! God said that if you develop your gift, your gift will take you in front of kings. And that is what I have done!

Dr. Jonas Gadson is set to inspire global audiences with his signature talk entitled:

Dare To Dream And Then Do It!

He says, Bonus From Jonas: “You cannot change your past, but you can change your path!”

Global audiences can expect to walk away with 3 profound golden nuggets:

1) Take A Chance! Take Charge! And Take Control of your life! Bonus From Jonas: “If You Cheat Yourself In Your Preparation It Will Show Up In Your Presentation!”

2) Bonus From Jonas: “You can always Better Your Best!”

3) This is the Decade for the Doers!

Dr. Jonas- It has been a pleasure!

Stay Connected with Dr. Jonas on All Social Media Platforms Below:

[email protected] www.jonasbonus.com Linked In, Facebook, and @ jonasbonus2021 on Instagram. (585) 703-9547.

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