Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, Founder of Athanasian Hall, Cambridge Limited

Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, Founder of Athanasian Hall, Cambridge Limited

Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, Founder of Athanasian Hall, Cambridge Limited

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Mathematicians and researchers are some of the people who have changed the world for the better. Because of them we now have a better understanding of the world and the universe. 

There are still many things to explore and require an organization that will not be affected by people in power. Anthanasian Hall, Cambridge Limited has been one of the successful think-tanks where specialists from different fields collaborate and work.  

Dr. Jonathan Kenigson is the founder of Anthanasian Hall. Top researchers, mathematicians, and theoretical physicists are involved in the institution bringing revolutionary advancement.

Dr. Jonathan Kenigson was recently named one of the Top 10 Influential Scholars of the Quadrivium by the Silicon Valley Times magazine. He authored a popular series on BBC Tribune regarding Black Holes and has been sharing numerous amazing information about his research through various news and magazines.

What’s impressive about Dr.Kenigson is his dedication to Quadrivium (Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, and Music). The reason to establish Anthanasian Hall is to build a pure research institute dedicated to a better future & advancement of human civilization. 

Dr. Kenigson loves challenges in research and is always looking for new experiments and things to discover. He is currently exploring Zeta functions, the relationship between prime numbers & the physics of black holes, relativistic gasses, and manifold theory.

Many people might not like to challenge themselves to think outside of the box. But people are benefiting from researchers’ day and night experiments. Whether we talk about Astronomy, Geometry, and more, it has made an impact in people’s life knowing and unknowingly. 

Dr. Kenigson‘s work with the Anthanasian Hall will make an impact for generations to come. Athanasian Hall is independent of any university for top-notch researchers, theoretical physicists, and mathematicians. 

Athanasian Hall is not a money-making enterprise, but rather a brain trust that draws on the free play of intellectual energy to make headway into difficult problems in Quadrivium topics. Fellows work independently and are retained only if they manage to produce excellent academic work or substantive advancements in a mathematical or closely allied scientific field.