Elton Hollis The Man Of Success

Elton Hollis

Elton Hollis

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The reason why there are always people who become successful at what they do is because they never give up. Some people aren’t willing to face challenges and for them their dreams often become unrealistic. To achieve something new in life, we need to adapt to changes and work with dedication. Learning from failure and keeping pushing to bring better results are the ways to become successful in life and business.

Meet Elton Hollis, an excellent example of true success. With more than 25 years of experience, he is active in helping business owners to thrive and build a meaningful company. Because of his astounding work, his story has been featured in numerous international publications. Recently Elton was named as one of The Top 100 Entrepreneurs. He is an inspiration to people in business as well as individuals looking to pursue a successful career.

Elton is the co-founder of Golden Triangle Industrial Group. The company provides B2B services to increase sales and provides proven strategies to build a sustainable business. The expert team of Golden Triangle Industrial Group has helped numerous companies and is always willing to give their support to the businesses that require assistance. 

He is also the owner of Hol-Tech Resources, LLC and General manager of RT Technical Solutions, LLCHol-Tech is focused on providing full consulting services that includes guidance and training in the safety, quality & compliance realms, and more. In RT Technical solution he helps lead the team to the forefront of the industrial electrical and instrumentation fields.

Elton is part of numerous businesses and often gets new requests to join different companies. His expertise in business development, marketing, sales, and team management is remarkable. 

Because of his unconventional thinking and willingness to make better changes in business, he became a thought leader in the industry. When he shares his ideas people listen, and his voice is always valued. He believes that entrepreneurship and businesses are the things that will help humans to get their problems solved. He always inspires people to take the challenges and innovate so that the business makes a larger impact and customers get a satisfactory result.

Here are some of the tips from Elton Hollis for new entrepreneurs

  • Be Passionate: If you are starting a business never compare it with making money. Ask yourself if this is the work you would like to do for many years, if the answer is “NO” please don’t run that business. It will be a waste of time and will create daily stress. Start a business out of your passion. By doing so, you will never run out of motivation and always enjoy working. This is the reason why I have been in this industry for more than 25 years and never felt bored.
  • Have a clear vision: When you are in business, you need to know what you want to achieve. Having a clear goal helps to find ways to accomplish it. 
  • Be committed: Once you start your business there is no going back. Entrepreneurs should be committed to their work and never give up during failures.
  • Believe: While running a company, you need to believe that things are going to work. Some people give up easily and feel overwhelmed, but the way to scale the business is to believe in yourself and the service you are providing.