Email Marketing Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes | Which is the Right One for YOU?

There are plenty of available email marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes! It’s just a matter of finding the right one for you and your business.

Email Marketing Solutions

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Email Marketing is a solid and effective way of engaging with customers and driving revenue. According to Campaign Monitor, an effective email marketing campaign can produce $44 for every $1 spent. It’s also considered to be at least 40x more effective at increasing customer acquisition rates than Twitter and Facebook combined.

And so it goes without saying: if you’re not engaging with your customers through email, then you’ve already lost! Because, more likely than not, your competitors are! And, this is true whether you’re a small business, a mid-market business, or a large enterprise.

More on email marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. And exactly which email marketing solution is the right one for you in the overview below:

Email Marketing Solutions 101

Before we go too deep into classifying all the different types of email marketing solutions available in the market, let us first review how the email marketing process works.

In essence, email marketing is a way of communicating with your customers. This type of engagement is great for building brand loyalty, increasing brand awareness, driving revenue, driving traffic to your store/website, and so on.

When beginning your email marketing campaign, the guiding principles should be:

  1. To create a one-to-one connection with your customers
  2. To reach a large majority of your customers (hundreds, thousands, millions, etc.) all at once and at minimum cost to you

To do both effectively, you can use a variety of email marketing solutions: simple email marketing software, email marketing tools, and/or advanced email marketing platforms. Which is what we’ll be discussing in more detail below:

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

For startups and small businesses, email marketing is essential for building an audience, increasing brand awareness, and encouraging brand loyalty.

It’s important to note that, at this stage of growth, most businesses do not require overly advanced features in their email marketing tools.

MailChimp, as an example, promotes itself as an SMB email marketing platform. It offers a FREE account with a limit of 2,000 contacts and 1 audience. This is more than enough for small businesses, as it includes marketing CRM, a website builder, 1-step automation, and even forms and landing pages.

As your business grows, however, you would probably have to look at the other plan-tiers that MailChimp offers: plans starting at $9.99 and going as high as $299 per month with increasing contact limits and access to more and more features like tools for multi-step journey building, custom branding, A/B testing, data analytics for behavioral targeting, and more.

Email Marketing for Medium-Sized Businesses

Moving on to medium-sized businesses, the options are endless. There’s an email service provider out there for all mid-market businesses, which can be a problem really. As it’s quite difficult to find the best one for your business specifically.

At this stage of growth, businesses will no doubt need more advanced tools for automation and will not be able to operate within the contact restrictions set by the email marketing solutions for small businesses that we mentioned previously.

It’s also likely that mid-market businesses will require the support of an email marketing service provider in order to get their campaigns set up properly.

A perfect example of a solution that takes care of both these ‘growing’ concerns, is Maropost. Maropost offers a uniquely unified customer engagement platform that serves as a way of connecting mid-market businesses (and beyond) to their customers at every step of the journey.

By becoming a partner of Maropost, the Maropost team pledges to support you through your marketing and email automation needs. Possible with the following features and functions: advanced email marketing automation, simplified mobile marketing & multi-channel marketing, simplified commerce analytics, and more.

Unlike MailChimp and other small-business email service providers, Maropost does not limit the number of contacts that you can have, and with the Maropost team pledging itself determinedly to customer-centric innovations their infrastructure is constantly evolving to include more and more helpful tools and software at varying price points subject to individualized contracts.

Email Marketing for Enterprises

Lastly, for enterprise-level businesses, high-level solutions are a must. These types of email marketing solutions, not unlike Maropost, are rich in features and have no discernable limits on the number of contacts and the availability of tools and software for use. You’ll also find that most enterprise-level email service providers will offer their higher-level solutions with customizable service agreements.