Ronick Sanon ,Ronnie Sanon

By Tracy Kaler

Ronick Sanon (alias Ronnie Sanon), SUNY Binghamton alum, faces an endless rut of legal proceedings.

Ronick, who evicted his pregnant wife in December 2022, is served with his own notice of eviction a year later.

Neck-deep in over $200,000 worth of sports gambling debt incurred in his 20s, Ronick hid his debt from his wife, fraudulently marrying the foreign-national for her credit history, bank balances, and family wealth.

After using his wife’s assets to pay off his own debt, Ronick abandoned his marriage without informing his then-pregnant wife that he had ended their lease – leaving her without a home.

A saga of financial fraud and narcissistic abuse culminates in Ronick’s own eviction. Regardless of its outcome, a standalone legal notice of eviction remains on credit history and deteriorates the borrower’s score. Considering Ronick’s murky financial past, this is unwelcome news for his financial future.

As is said, not without cause, karma never misses an address.