Exclusive Feature with International Best-Selling Author, Divorce Strategist, & Speaker~ Trevis Michelle

Trevis Michelle

Trevis Michelle

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Think 7 Figures:  Who is Trevis Michelle

Trevis Michelle is an International Bestselling Author, The Divorce Strategist and Speaker.  She has co-authored “Saving Lives While Fighting For Mine” to help Women of Color who are overwhelmed during the divorce process.  She gives them the blueprint to navigate through the divorce, decrease lawyer fees, and strategize so that they can become empowered and heal, allowing them to live the rest of their life on their terms.  Trevis Michelle teaches women that the word “Divorce” is not a dirty word, nor should they wear the scarlet letter D on their chest…. remove it to the soles of their feet and Walk in their Power.  Trevis Michelle has been a speaker at Level Up Summit 2021, Keynote Speaker at BlackCEO Black and Iconic 2021 Conference, featured in Courageous Women magazine, Selfless Love Podcast, Courageous Conversations with Sheree at WRUU Radio, Everything Authors, Bars and Hoops C’Suite radio podcast, and more.

Think 7 Figures: What is your purpose and who do you serve?

Trevis Michelle serves Women, especially Women of Color who are overwhelmed and looking for strategies to navigate through the divorce process.  When Trevis Michelle went through a divorce she was that Woman of Color overwhelmed and needing guidance during her divorce, but there was no direction or help available.

Think 7 Figures: What do you want to be known for?

Trevis Michelle knows how to take a negative experience and used it to her advantage to empower, build confidence begin the healing so that she can live the rest of her life on her terms.  She wants to teach other Women, especially Women of Color to walk head held high, while strategizing her way through the divorce process.  

First Steps:

1. Acknowledge that this is the best decision for you and your children;

2. Seek God and/or mediate on your decision;

3. Forgive yourself for the role you played in the marriage;

4. Seek mental health counseling; and

5. Recognize that family/friends will choose sides;

6. Give yourself time to grieve; and

7. Make time for yourself.

Think 7 Figures: You recently provided a powerhouse talk on the prestigious “Level-Up Summit” platform hosted by Kearn Cherry. Why partner on this platform?

Trevis Michelle met Kearn Cherry, known as “Butts in Seats Queen” while speaking on another platform.  Kearn Cherry has such a powerful message, that I knew immediately that I wanted to collaborate on any project Kearn was involved in.

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Think 7 Figures: What 2 tips can you provide for aspiring Speakers?

1. Believe in yourself and hone your craft; and

2. Speak every chance you get, on all stages big and small to have your message heard.

Think 7 Figures: How can readers stay connected?

[email protected]

Instagram @trevismichelle

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