Exclusive Interview with 2x International Best-Selling Author & CEO of Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. Min. Nakita Davis

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We live in a highly advanced world with an international specialized economy, where we can get nearly every product or service. We became a speed consuming society, throwing away things quickly because we think a new product will satisfy us more. We have unlimited possibilities, news from all over the world, challenges to solve and struggles to deal with. What we forget quiet fast is the basic human attitude and health. We hustle from one job to another to get money so we can buy new shoes or clothes to be happy. 

Our society should learn to be happy again without a materialistic connection. Let´s grow a mindset which is based on the fundamental human happiness. Happiness is the essence of life! 

Happiness makes us more resilient and helps us to generate energy for doing what we love. 

Meet Min. Nakita Davis, CEO & Founder of Jesus, Coffee and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. Her strong faith and genuinely happy personality is infectious. Min. Nakita Davis is an inspiration and shows how beautiful life becomes when you generate and share your own happiness and build your own successful business.

1)Think 7 Figures:

Hello Min. Nakita Davis, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet us. Tell our viewers a little bit about you and what you do?

Min. Nakita Davis:

Thank you so much for having me. Truly all the Glory belongs to God. To answer your question, I am a wife to my childhood sweetheart, mom to 2 amazing kiddos, and a pet turtle named Speedy too! Let us tell it: he is the fastest turtle we know.

Outside of being blessed with a loving family, I am also the proud CEO & Founder of Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. My team specializes in helping women of faith write, market, and launch their best-selling book in as little as 90 days. In addition to successfully producing 35x+ Best-Selling Authors and 17 #1 International Best-Selling authors in the past 13months, we house a robust marketing division to help authors/business owners alike to strategically gain the right exposure for their book, business, or brand. In other words, we help them get noticed the right way. Last but not least, the 3rd pillar of our operation includes author/business coaching. This branch is specifically designed to help authors/business owners think inside the box and turn their book into a successful business.

2)Think 7 Figures:

Wow… okay Min. Davis. I see that your team has a lot going on. How do you stay focused during a pandemic?

Min. Nakita Davis:

*Laughs* Focus? Who does that? Please don’t mind my sense of humor. You are absolutely right. One thing is for certain, the pandemic did not slow me down. I may be stationary- #socialdistancing; but I am not stagnant. Call me old school, but I stay focused by writing down my goals and priorities for a particular day, week, month or year. I reassess my goals and strategies as needed. This keeps me on my toes but also keeps me in alignment with the vision.

3)Think 7 Figures:

So, you’ve been fortunate enough to help many women elevate on your platform. Please share your winning blueprint?

Min. Nakita Davis:

I am an Ordained Minister, so keeping a strong faith and magnifying God is what I do! In addition to dreaming bigger and not allowing the whispers of negative people in my ear, I do 3 things.

I consistently focus on the goal; I consistently collaborate; and I consistently pray. Two things I do every day like clockwork is pray for wisdom and discernment. Those who know me, know this to be true. There is no secret sauce to my success or those that I’ve been blessed to partner with. Clear vision, bold faith, prayer, sound strategy, business savvy, and the ability to leverage my networks are all keys to my winning blueprint!

4)Think 7 Figures:

Earlier in our conversation, we asked you to tell the viewers a little about you. When you spoke about the business/author coaching division of your company, you stated that you help authors/business owners to ‘think inside the box.’ Most people are accustomed to think outside the box. Is that a typo or did you mean something else?

Min. Nakita Davis:

*Laughs* No dear, that’s not a typo! You heard me correctly. It´s quite funny. I remember several years ago; I was watching a teen titans cartoon show with my daughter. When all of a sudden, one of the main characters said something so prolific, I had to pause and listen again to the cartoon!

He said something to the effect of “When we embrace our limitations, we master our capabilities.” I remember thinking ‘This is pretty profound’ for a cartoon show; but it stuck with me. So much so, I remember putting it at the bottom of my signature for my work emails back when I worked for a Fortune Top 10 company. That phrase made me reflect on the word of God too. I began to think about different stories of people who had less; but God had positioned them with more.

So, long story short: ‘thinking inside the box’ is all about fixing your focus on what you do have; what you do know; and the resources that are at your fingertips. Often people focus on what they don’t have, the money they need, or the tangible thing they desire. By shifting my focus and my clients focus to what we do have at our disposal, I am able to help them see what is possible with the right strategic approach and hard work.

5)Think 7 Figures:

Love it. Now many of our readers are entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. Any tips you can give to someone thinking about starting their business or book business for that matter?

Min. Nakita Davis:

Yes- Just Do It! Don’t overthink it. Dream Big, meditate, pray, but bust a move. So many people encounter analysis paralysis and never fulfill the vision for a book or entrepreneurship. When in doubt, move forward and figure it out along the way. Find a great mentor or business coach. Expect to pay and invest in yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Your dream is worth it too. And whatever you do; whether book, product or service-based business, make sure you budget to effectively market your brand. FYI marketing goes so much further than just posting on social media. Gain a healthy balance between targeted social media posts, podcasts, radio, magazine, blog post, and speaking opportunities to spread your brands message.

Sadly, I see many book and business owners sizzle out because they refuse to invest in the right marketing efforts. As a faith-based publishing company, I encounter some believers who feel that gaining exposure is putting themselves on a pedestal, so they shy away from the lime-light. I strive to help my clients and potential clients understand that marketing or receiving press and media exposure is not about boasting in your abilities but about expanding your reach to markets and people that may not otherwise know about your book, business, product, or service. And ultimately God gets the Glory- period. I’m paraphrasing but the word tells us that we are the light of the world and a city upon a hill cannot be hidden. Mattews 5:14

Those who understand this and the business side of their efforts are able to continuously soar. Those who don’t are typically more frustrated with their results.

My team is positioned to help Women Soar!

6)Think 7 Figures:

Great insight! So, tell us what you’ve got coming up next and how can our readers support you or keep in contact?

Min. Nakita Davis:

Well, I can’t quite yet reveal everything; but I will share an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G virtual summit that will position Every Woman to Win! The 2020 Q.U.E.E.N Xperience International Virtual Summit will kick off September 18th – 20th nightly at 8 PM EST. We are closing out the final nights of summer with a bang.

Global leaders from 3 different continents and 5 different countries ranging from the USA to Twain to New Zealand and a few places in between will share how to Drop the Excuses and Play Your Royal Position in the home and marketplace. Women can expect to be encouraged, inspired, challenged, and equipped with tangible tips, golden nuggets of wisdom, and practical strategies to SOAR in this season. Best part, this Summit includes a FREE LIVE All Access Pass for our 3-night extravaganza. I am honored to have Industry leaders, Women of Faith, Executive panelists, Spoken word artists, and Powerhouse Headliner Speakers: Eboni Montsho of Eboni Ignites LLC, Tina Ramsay of Heal the Honeypot, Sheri Curran of Curran Bookkeeping LLC, Godella Petty of ‘Family’ Matters Channel on Exposure TV, Natalie Lavelock of Natalie Lavelock Coaching & Consulting and Tina D. Lewis of Royalty Coaching. We have also been extremely blessed to secure the talented voice of International Popstar Brianna Shelko too! She will be singing one of her latest chart toppers entitled: Survive.

If that’s not enough, we have another Dynamic Video Speakers series under works~ set to unleash this fall alongside our Final Collaborative Best-Selling book of 2020! We are currently canvassing for Women of Faith, Girl bosses, and Glow-getters who have a story of triumph, perseverance, and success in Christ. So, if any of your viewers fit this profile, be sure to reach out immediately! These coveted spots will be gone fast! We declare that this book will be another International Best-Selling book that blesses the world! If any woman has a desire to still become an Author in 2020, then this is her chance to shoot her shot and apply to join us as a Queen collaborative author.

To join the movement, attend the FREE upcoming Summit, support, schedule a consultation or just to get more info:

Please visit us at www.jesuscoffeeandprayer.com

Follow us on FB and IG @jesuscoffeeandprayer & Twitter @jesuscoffeepray

7) Think 7 Figures:

This has been so good Min. Nakita Davis. Thank you for sharing your time and keeping our audience posted on your epic updates; providing encouragement, and tips our readers can use to successfully start their book or business. Any final thoughts?

Min. Nakita Davis:

Whoever is reading this~ please know that success is within reach. 2020 is not cancelled and 2020 is not over for your hopes or your dreams. Keep the faith and keep pushing for greater. Don’t worry about your haters, your doubters, or those who oppose the vision God has placed in your life. I saw a post on social media the other day that I loved so much; it said something like “You can’t make everybody a believer; but you can make them a witness!” Let them witness the Greatness that lives inside of you. Shine bright like a diamond. Blessings.