Exclusive Interview with 3x International Bestselling Author and Transformational Life & Success Coach~ Lee Mariano

Lee Mariano

Lee Mariano

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Think 7 Figures: Welcome to Think 7 Figures; we are honored to have you; please introduce yourself to our global audience.

Lee Mariano:

I’m so glad to introduce myself and tell you more about who I am. I am a Transformation Life & Success Coach, author, international speaker, business guru, and CEO and founder of Alexidom Coaching; a multifaceted coaching

specialty centered around helping clients increase their self-confidence, reclaim their personal power, and rediscover their identity, so that they can successfully achieve their goals; and attain the life they desire most. 

My corporate career spans more than two decades as a human resources expert, C-Suite Executive and Senior Leader. My tenure in people management and career coaching is quintessential; equipping me with the dedication and insight needed to help clients transform their very own lives. 

My mantra is simple: Show up with confidence. Speak with authority, and get things done.

I merge an ability to help others, with a deep sentiment for education, authorship, advocacy, and communal service. Not only am I a US Marine Corps Veteran, but also a USA Bestselling Author. I’m a domestic violence advocate, as I am also a survivor. I use my experience as a survivor to influence women to reinvent themselves, speak their personal truth, and begin again. 

Think 7 Figures: As a Speaker, Author, &/or CEO- What is Your Purpose and Who do you serve in this?

Lee Mariano:

My intention is clear: I want to help women stop hiding behind the labels that others have placed on them, and to remain resolved to their purpose and the possibility of creating their own future.

I work with women who feel overlooked, under-appreciated, or ignored but they’re tired of playing small. They’re done with staying silent and minimizing who they are to make others feel comfortable. I work with them on their journey to evolve, change, and grow as they remove the barriers and beliefs holding them back.

I focus on helping my clients increase their self-confidence, reclaim their personal power, and rediscover their identity, so that they can successfully achieve their goals and have the life they desire most. It’s time to remove the labels others have placed on them, time to shed the fear that has paralyzed them, and the uncertainty they feel about the future.

Think 7 Figures: In your opinion- What do you do Better than Anyone Else? In other words- what do you want to be known for in your Speaker, Author, &/or CEO business.

Lee Mariano:

I’m someone who understands how to achieve great things even in the face of overwhelming adversity. Through my coaching process, I focus on helping women understand who they are and who they can become. Because I understand what it’s like to be at the bottom and climb my way to the top, I’ve seen both sides of the coin. I help women as they shed the fear of being bold, confident, and powerful.

I help women Show Up, Show Out, and Change the Game. The transformation I provide with my coaching helps them live life on their own terms and without apology.

Think 7 Figures: Switching gears, why did you decide to link up with the Level-Up Summit hosted by the “Butts in Seats Queen”~ Kearn Cherry?

Lee Mariano:

Because Kearn Cherry is the ultimate connector! My first interaction with Kearn was in 2020 for the Success Women’s Conference. Through that opportunity, I’ve gotten to know Kearn’s philosophy of helping coaches and other entrepreneurs gain visibility. When Kearn did her speaker call for the Level Up Summit, I knew it was important for me to be part of this event. Having the ability to connect with so many people around the world is amazing. I appreciate the and share my message with women to level up their life, increase their confidence, and step into their power.

Think 7 Figures: What Top 2 Tips would you give to an aspiring Speaker who wants to Impact the World with their voice?

Lee Mariano:

Recognize that your story has power. Your voice can be amplified every time you step on stage or participate in a speaking event. Even if you’re

afraid and you don’t think it’s perfect, do it anyway. 

Know and understand what message you want to share. Learn your message, be comfortable with it, and share it with the people you know will gain the greatest impact from what you have to say.

Think 7 Figures: How can readers stay connected with you?

Lee Mariano:

I’m available on multiple platforms, including my website, https://alexidomcoach.com.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlexidomCoaching

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachleemariano

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