Exclusive Interview with Attorney, Civil Rights Advocate, & Leader of Leaders~ Dr. Nicole S. Mason

Dr. Nicole S. Mason

Dr. Nicole S. Mason

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Think 7 Figures: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us! Please introduce yourself to our global audience.

Dr. Nicole S. Mason:

I am a native Washingtonian and married to my college sweetheart.  I am a mom to 3 sons, 2 bonus daughters and MaMa to 2 sugarbabies.  I am an attorney, speaker, coach, and an international best-selling author.  At my core, I am an advocate.  I have a deep desire to see people treated fairly and equitable.  I wanted to be an attorney since I was 9 years old.  I absolutely loved Perry Mason, especially at the end of the episode when the witness was on the witness stand, and Perry Mason began asking the questions in rapid succession and the witness would confess.  Something about that exchange connected with the flicker of flame housed inside of me.  Over the years, the flicker for justice has turned into a hot, fiery inferno.  To that end, I have spent the past 30 years working in the area of Civil Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion.  

In addition to my legal career, I am an award-winning author.  I was recognized with the 2019 Indie Author Legacy Award for Book Anthology of the Year for my first anthology.  The anthology is the first in a series on faith and is called, Faith For Fiery Trials.  I am also the visionary of the first of its kind – a book anthology of African American, Christian men, who are sharing portions of their stories very transparently.  I am the author of 4 books, one that has been translated into Spanish.  I am also a contributing author in more than 32 projects.  I was selected as one of the 2018 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Award.  Finally, I was published in the Chicken Soup for The Soul® Book Series: Miracles & Divine Intervention: 101 Stories of Faith and Hope.  

Moreover, I have been in ministry for 20 years.  I am a licensed and ordained minister.  I started my ministry with a newsletter with a distribution of 125 women in my local church.  The newsletter distribution quickly grew to more than 2,500 all across the country, with a large population of women in various prisons receiving the newsletter from their friends and loved ones.  I continue my work with women and was recognized by the Maryland Governor with the prestigious Governor’s Citation.  

Additionally. I have published a magazine, been a Host and Executive Producer for my own Online International Show.  I have also been an International Radio Show Host on Urban One formerly Radio One.  I am the creator of the FaithX Talk Event, a Ted Style Event that focuses on spreading the good idea of Faith.  I am also the creator of the Show Up Great Leadership Summit, a day long event that provides high achieving women a safe space to rejuvenate and create community.  I have also led a prayer call for the past 15 plus years every week.

I have been recognized with the 2019 Inaugural Faith Based Speaker of The Year Award at Speaker Con, the premier conference for speakers.  I have also been recognized as the 2019 ACHI Woman of the Year Award.  

After losing my Mom to heart disease, I turned my pain into purpose.  I volunteered to serve as an Ambassador for the American Heart Association.  The story was highlighted in a commercial and has been showcased in more than 12 media outlets around the world.  The print version of the message of the commercial has been seen at airports on jumbotrons and in numerous magazines and newspapers.   

Think 7 Figures: You have an amazing track record for success. Certainly inspirational; what is your driving purpose?

Dr. Nicole S. Mason: 

My purpose is to empower women to Show Up Great.  I do this in a variety of different ways: speaking, writing, mentoring, coaching, and training.  I am known as the Leader’s Leader, because I coach high achieving women – women who are movers and shakers in their respective industries and vocations.  I combine my legal skills, coaching certifications, and ministry training to effectively hold the space, establish strategy and offer divine impartation.  

Think 7 Figures: What is the one thing You do better than anyone else?

Dr. Nicole S. Mason:

The one thing I do better than anyone else is being Nicole.  I am a huge proponent of authenticity and having confidence.  When I was growing up, my Mom gave me permission to speak up for myself.  She always taught me that, “There is a way to say everything.”  My Mom’s constant talks about how to show up, how to handle myself, how to be a lady helps me to be an excellent coach to other women today.  I am bold, bodacious and an extrovert that offers absolutely no apology for who I am and my explosive personality.  

Think 7 Figures: You recently spoke at the 3 Day Powerhouse event entitled: Level-Up. Why did you decide to partner with Kearn Cherry AKA “Butts in the Seats Queen?”

Dr. Nicole S. Mason:

I decided to link up with the “Butts in Seats Queen,” Kearn Cherry, because she is very intentional about empowering women.  I am clear that collaborating with Kearn will allow me to reach more women quicker.  This, of course, leads to more impact in their lives.  The results are stronger women, stronger families, and stronger communities.  My motto is, “When women are healed and whole, their families are healed and whole.”  The work that Kearn and her team are doing will make a difference for generations to come.  And for me, I am living and working to build legacy and to leave an indelible mark in the Earth to signify that I was here.  

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Think 7 Figures: What are Two vital tips that you can provide to aspiring speakers?

Dr. Nicole S. Mason:

The two tips that I would offer to an aspiring speaker are: have confidence and hire a coach.  Confidence is the key to success.  Whatever we want to do in life will take confidence to do and do it well, with excellence and efficiency.  You build confidence by learning your craft.  It is important to invest in yourself, so hiring a speaking coach is critical.  I highly recommend Dr. Cheryl Wood.  She has trained and helped women to use their voice to touch the lives of others.  

Think 7 Figures: Thank you so much for your time today! Tell our readers how they can stay connected to your greatness.

Dr. Nicole S. Mason:

Readers can stay connected with me via my website at: www.nicolesmason.com.  I am also @nicolesmasonesq across social media. 

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