Exclusive Interview With David Tice About Grid Down

Exclusive Interview With David Tice About Grid Down

Exclusive Interview With David Tice About Grid Down

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“Grid Down” is an eye-opening film about our dependence on electricity in our everyday lives thanks to a powerful, but vulnerable Power Grid. Yet, people seem to assume it is safe from danger, trusting their government to protect this cornerstone of modern America. If the Grid were to shut down due to an attack or serious disaster, our nation would be in jeopardy. David Tice reveals a long-hidden secret in this painstakingly researched documentary. Our Power Grid is in danger. The threats to our Grid are not a matter of if, but when. As we try to re-establish our lives in the aftermath of a pandemic and on the edge of war, we’ve learned how fragile our system is; our government should protect us. We’ve sat down with David Tice to learn more about the film and the voices that could save us.

In today’s media frenzy, it’s easy to lose sight of neglected problems. You were able to shine a light on something that everyone should know about, but many are oblivious to. Since filming this significant, revealing story about the state of our Power Grid, have you witnessed any changes in policies or strategies? What do you hope to see happen next?

No changes yet. We expect ‘our movement’ to cause uproar, and new legislation.

From a strong career in finance, where you watch for risk and protect people’s futures, you have applied your critical abilities to another industry. You’ve proven to be talented across different fields and expertise. What was the biggest challenge you faced while crafting this masterful documentary?

Thanks for those nice compliments. Biggest challenge has been to craft the story with the right balance between scaring people, not having them go back to drinking their Chardonnay or reverting to the fetal position, and instead realizing this is a challenge that can be conquered and to be hopeful about it

Your film serves as a serious warning to everyone. Calling out a threat that could turn the tides, bringing the American way of life to its knees “Grid Down” couldn’t come at a better time as we face possible war with Russia. Why do so many people have no idea about this real danger?

This is a very complicated subject. People have a tendency to think government will keep us safe. In this case, people think utilities do the right thing but they misunderstand that sometimes utilities are thinking short term rather than longer term

“Grid Down” breaks down the decade’s long negligence of the Power Grid’s security. You interviewed experts and demonstrated the history of warnings being ignored or passed off. Could you explain in your words why this threat has been on the back burner for so long?

I can’t it comes down to bureaucratic incompetence & a failure make people be accountable. Lobbyists have had the money and forces trying to inspire utilities & regulators to protect the grid haven’t had the same resources

This tell-all film is being released as the world is still facing damage from the pandemic and now Russia’s move to war. Thanks to you and other advocates, this security risk will get the attention it deserves. New and old supporters of this work will want to know what your next project is, can you tell us more about the C-Suite Network Energy Security Council?

I’m very excited about this Council as it will provide the organization to allow this movie to turn into a movement. It will provide forms, podcasts, organization by which various stakeholders, including activist citizens, legislators, regulators, community leaders and vendors can all come together and collaborate to ensure we succeed in protecting our critical civilian infrastructure.

To find out more about David Tice and “Grid Down” head over to his website.