Exclusive Interview with Elin Doughouz, Founder of Scriptsun LTD and Ultahost

Elin Doughouz

Elin Doughouz

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Many people from all around the world come up with excellent business ideas but most of them never create a company. Those who build the business fail within the first year because they are not able to utilize the resources properly. Business planning and execution plays a vital role to grow revenue. Without proper sales strategies, a business can’t thrive. 

Meet Elin Doughouz, Founder of Scriptsun LTD and UltaHost. He has organized a complete solution for business owners to start, operate, and secure sales. With his company, any individual can create a website and target the right audience to solve their problem, effortlessly.

Hello Elin, we’re thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us about you and your business.

Elin: I found my passion for entrepreneurship from a young age. Solving problems of people as an entrepreneur gives me unexplainable satisfaction. I know people who struggled to find the appropriate company that can help to bring the vision into reality. 

Every big or small company needs a team to build an influential business. But for many people, it’s expensive to rent an office area, hire a team, and pay them monthly. Acknowledging this problem, I started ScriptSun LTD to provide all the business-related services at an affordable cost. After the launch, we have helped thousands of businesses worldwide and assisted entrepreneurs to run the project virtually without an office area. 

UltaHost is a web hosting company. We provide an affordable hosting plan that is accessible worldwide. Our clients get free migration, domain for only $12/year, SSDs, top guaranteed security, and more.

What strategies would you like to share with new business owners?

Elin: If this is the first business you are thinking of running, I recommend you to make a proper planning. Identify the exact niche you will like to provide the service. Many people want to run a business but they get distracted because they are not able to figure out the business model. As soon as you know what industry is best for you figure out and identify the demand for the product or service.

The next step is to head over to Ultahost, where you can register the business domain name and host it. It’s a very easy step and within 15 min you will have a responsive site. You can then publish content and add services without difficulties. In case there is anything you need, our team will be always there to help. 

After you have the website and content ready, you need to find ways to promote the business. There are various ways you can do this, and one of the most powerful methods is to perform SEO. SEO ( Search Engines Optimization) helps your business to rank in the search results of Google. This is necessary if you want to create a long term thriving business. If you need any help with SEO or other marketing services, please feel free to reach out to ScriptSun LTD.

What are key habits that will help an individual to become successful?

Elin: To become successful in what we do, we need to maintain discipline. To attract success we have to think and feel it. When we start a business, if we don’t visualize it big, it is not going to be a great company. When we think big, we will attract tremendous success.

  • Make time to learn every single day. Even if it is 5 min or an hour, you need to educate yourself.
  • Work hard, give your best, and make yourself ready for every opportunity.
  • If you fail, note it and redo the work in a different way. 
  • Set the specific goal you want to achieve and create a plan to accomplish it.
  • Keep your mind and body fit. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, and take proper sleep.

What marketing advice would you like to share with beginners?

Elin: Without marketing, it’s impossible to take the business from the ground up. We need to reach our audience, tell them about the service, and solve their problems. As a beginner, the best way to attract more customers is by word of mouth. Provide free or discounted services to the new client and ask them to share their experiences about your business. 

Another free way to inform people about your service is by creating social media profiles. Publish content that is related to your business and share it on Facebook groups of a similar niche. This helps you to tap into an already built audience and engage with them. Don’t forget to connect your social media profile to the official business website. This allows visitors to turn into customers.

If you have an advertising budget, leverage paid ads is one of the best ways to generate leads and build a thriving business in a short span of time. Facebook ads and Google Adwords are the two sources you can start your promotional campaign that maximizes your ROI.

It was amazing to learn some of the business visibility and entrepreneurship tips from Elin Doughouz. We hope reading his answers has helped you to make plans and implement the strategies to your own business. To get additional tips or to buy a domain name, hosting or for a full responsive website that will help you to create a thriving business, reach out to him via his official website:

UltaHost : https://ultahost.com/
ScriptSun:  https://scriptsun.com/