Exclusive interview with Jeff Lopes, Founder of Jeff Knows Inc.

Jeff Lopes Host of Jeff Knows Inc

Jeff Lopes Host of Jeff Knows Inc

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Today’s generation is getting competitive and to reach our goal, we need to place ourselves as an authority. With the advancement in technology, our work, and daily life has become easier. New software and apps are helping businesses to take off from zero to earning millions of revenue within a short period. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s essential to have regular knowledge about the new things that will help with the growth of your business. Otherwise, it is comparatively hard to imagine running a successful business in an old style. 

Enter Jeff Lopes, Founder of Jeff Knows Inc. He has been featured in numerous international magazines like The Los Angeles Tribune, Disrupt magazine, VEU, Medium, Future shark, and more. He is also known for turning Kimurawear into a multi-million dollar brand from his basement. 

He believes that entrepreneurs should learn something new every day. Either it can be reading books or listening to podcasts. However, the way of getting new information is, it has to be received every single day. Otherwise, the competitor will outrun the business and it will be very hard to challenge.

Hello Jeff, we are thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us about you and your work.

Thank you for your invitation, I’m happy to share my expertise with your audience. 

From my childhood, I knew that I wanted a life not limited to 9-5 jobs. The interest in doing something of my own became strong at a young age, where I started multiple businesses. Now It’s been more than 25 years of running a business. I found out, in my two decades of journey, that one of the ways to grow as a human and an entrepreneur is by helping others to grow. 

With Jeff Knows Inc, my aim is to provide regular vital information and inspiration to entrepreneurs that fuel their motivation. For many people, it’s quite hard to find new ideas or strategies that will help them and their businesses to grow. My guests are mostly experts in their niche and they are sharing proven techniques that are helping my audience to look at the business-related problems from different perspectives.

Why do you think an entrepreneur should adapt a growth mindset?

I often meet people who can’t surpass the barrier of their old mindset. For them, it’s very hard to believe that running a business is a way to get financial and time freedom. They still believe that working 9-5 jobs is a secure way to make a living cause they don’t have to bear any risk. For them, it’s difficult to think that investing is better than saving.

I believe that knowledge is our power and asset. This is one of the reasons why I started Jeff Knows Inc. When we know the proper steps we can build a million-dollar business at any time. As an entrepreneur, a growth mindset will assist to understand different aspects of business and maximize efficiency.  

For me, a growth mindset means, taking control of our mind and directing toward the life we desire. This mindset helps entrepreneurs to skill out possibilities rather than giving up. As an entrepreneur we often encounter setbacks and growth mindset help us to look at it as a learning process not a give up point. For people with a dream to build a business, it is crucial to adapt to a growth mindset.

How do you balance work-life?

One of the reasons I run businesses is to get additional time with my loved ones. For me, I feel successful when I am on vacation with my family. Not having to think of earning money and receiving passive income every month has made me stress-free. One of the ways that I balance my work life is by letting my investment work for me so that I can create memorable experiences with my family.

Every morning I celebrate every little thing as my accomplishment. That boosts my confidence during the day and keeps making me feel successful. Eating healthy has been one of my priority causes that helps me to gain higher vibration and manifest things faster.

During the weekend I like to hike and connect with nature. I get different ideas when I am hiking and daily exercise keeps me enthusiastic. I like to do complicated work during the first hours and keep drinking water within a certain interval of time.   

It was great to learn about the need for continuous education and the need to grow and maintain our business. Thanks to Jeff Lopes for sharing his valuable insight. Get in contact with Jeff to find more tips to create a successful business.

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