Exclusive interview with Neno, Forex investor & founder of Young Millionaires

Forex trading Neno

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Every day from all over the world thousands of young people search “How to make money online?”. Now people don’t have to go to 9-5 jobs to make a living. Our world is moving digital. You can make thousands of dollars with a phone/ laptop working just an hour a day.

One of the most famous ways of earning online has been Forex trading. If you have traveled abroad, you must have exchanged currency. This is called Foreign Exchange. When you buy the currency online and sell it when the exchange rate is higher. This online trading is called Forex.

This has been one of the easiest ways of making money for many people which have allowed them to travel all around the world being local independent.

To know more about Forex we interviewed Neno who is the founder of Young Millionaire and an active Forex Investor.

Hello Neno, we’re excited to interview you and share your story with our readers. Please tell us more about you and your work.

When I was young I was the captain of the baseball team. I always had to lead by example, I had to have passion, work ethic, I had to be able to deal with failure and I had to be able to do all the hard work. My team was only going to emulate the things I did. And the reason why my team was able to win the championship.

I was able to bring that same leadership in my business. When I came to this business I had no skill, no talent so nobody to follow me. I had to develop those skills & talents. As I develop the skills people start to follow me. I was climbing the ladder of success.

I started to make more money than I could ever imagine. Now, I help people who want to start a successful business. With my years of hard work and knowledge, I have been able to maximize the results for my client’s around the world.

What advice would you like to give to people thinking of joining Forex trading?

I wanna make something very clear to people. Forex is a vehicle, please understand that. And what I mean by that when I say it’s a vehicle. Forex is gonna help you not only learn the power of investing and how to flip your own money but is gonna help you understand that there is another opportunity out there for you to take advantage of. Because remember you’re in one of the biggest financial markets in the world. So guess what there are people with money that come in here. So guess what you do, you learn from these people, you network with these people and you build relationships with these people. That what I did!

I was able to open doors for myself in the real estate market, stock market, cryptocurrency, ATM business, dropshipping. I opened the door for myself and tons and tons of businesses & I left those doors open. Guess what the more money I make in Forex the more doors I’m gonna continue to open. The more money I can put in the different pots. Remember you don’t throw all your eggs in one basket. You throw your eggs in different baskets. And that’s what I am doing.

You gotta think big, you need to think outside of the box. If you’re not in Forex you’re missing out big opportunity. And I promise guys you will not regret it.

How can people contact you?

Feel free to check out my podcasts : Morning with Neno.

This podcast is for those who want to gain knowledge and value to step outside their comfort zone.

For any question reach out on Instagram : Longliveneno

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