Exclusive Interview With Prophecy, Founder & CEO of The Cascade of Youth

Prophecy, Founder & CEO of The Cascade of Youth

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The pandemic has taught us a great lesson about needing an emergency fund and independent work. Many people around the world lost their jobs and struggled to live their daily lives without any earnings. However, those who were smart with their money habits, had savings for emergencies – well, that worked out good for them. If you struggled during 2020, it’s time to look at life and finance in another perspective.

That brings us to Prophecy, Founder and CEO of The Cascade Of Youth. He is the man of many faces. He is running multiple successful companies on various niches and always active in helping new entrepreneurs to reach the peak of their career. He is also a renowned artist featured on numerous authority medias like WORLD STAR, VEVO, NETFLIX, DASHRADIO and more.

What impresses the world about Prophecy is his dedication to help individuals – getting them on what he calls the road to riches. Even with his busy schedule he is always available to coach his students who are eager to change their lives and reach financial freedom. 

Today we are excited to share our recent conversation with Prophecy. This interview has numerous takeaways for new entrepreneurs and anyone trying to find success. 

Hello Prophecy, we’re thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us how an individual can overcome poverty?

Prophecy: The moment you’re able to attract money, the moment you start to receive it’s abundance. For an individual who wants to overcome poverty and bring positive changes, he or she should overcome the first hurdle which is called a poverty mindset.

If you are ‘poor or middle class’, you need to understand you all have a poverty mindset.

Those who come to me, I advise them to invest the time, money and energy to educate and invest in themselves. I hear a lot of people complaining about the price of this or the price of that. There’s no problem with the price, there’s a problem with you and your lack of money. We must change that immediately, otherwise how are you going to really be satisfied with this one shot you have in life, if you are scratching your head not being able to feed yourself, pay the bills, or look after your family. Believe me, I’ve been there, it’s not a good feeling. 

And for those that say they are ‘comfortable’, hear me out. Comfortable never lasts, it’s selfish, and always results in problems. Really think about what I said here.

Converting your time for money might help you pay your regular bills but it certainly doesn’t let you achieve financial freedom. Take the step forward to doing something that makes you uncomfortable, it will definitely ensure growth in your standards of living.

Let’s hold ourselves accountable for everything, and grow some revenue! 

So, how can an amature start a business?

Prophecy: As always, our mindset plays an important role. Our mind, heart and thoughts have the power to allow us to achieve anything. If we are always fearful of our finances, worried about losing money or think we can’t make any money, it will definitely block the success signals you are destined to receive. So take care of your thoughts, develop a wealth mindset, take action and go make your dreams come true. 

Research about money, investment, management, people, communication, leadership, and most importantly, study multimillionaires from their personal lives to their businesses. Become a professional in the field of finances! Figure out what problems are within the market and what solution you can bring to the table. Solve someone’s problems, and they’ll pay you some good dolla.

One rule about entrepreneurship is you have to invest time, money and energy in self development and never stop. The more you grow, the more successful you become.

Why do you think a coach or mentor is important ?

Prophecy:  Anyone with sense knows that our most valuable asset is time. You can either make the mistakes yourself, waste all the time and money in the world, or you can fast track yourself by getting taught by someone who’s already done it and knows exactly what the answers are. Every successful person on this planet had some sort of coach or mentor. 

Imagine you’re in a game for a second. You have £5000 in your bank account and you’re stuck in this endless maze. It’s massive, it’s dark, and it’s scary. There are 10,000 doors in this maze, they all look the exact same but there are only 3 doors which is your only way out. If you find your way out, you are blessed with success, wealth, health and happiness. However every wrong door you open, you lose £100 each time meaning you only have 50 chances.

You have 2 options, you can carry on with the maze by yourself, risk all your time and money in the world trying the find one of these 3 doors, and risk being trapped in the maze broke as f***, forever. Slowly dying as you regret every decision in life you made.

Or the 2nd option, you have one opportunity at the beginning of the game to have a mentor who will physically guide you through this dark and  scary maze to the right door, guarenteed. The mentor still says it won’t be easy, and it will still take you a while but 100% guaranteed you’ll be shown the way out and you’ll receive your blessing on the other end. However, it’s going to cost you £4900 upfront – pretty much all your money.

You see, this is exactly what life is like. Life is all about this mental game, it’s all about quick decisions, it’s all about choices and consequences, it’s all about taking calculated risks and doing things that makes you uncomfortable in order to achieve greatness. I don’t know about you but i’ve done the analysis, and i’m paying the price upfront. 

There is literally no harm at all, from learning from those who have already done and succeeded in that what it is you are trying to do yourself. 

It was great to learn some of these essential tips from Prophecy. We hope we have inspired you to work for success and encouraged you to push harder towards your dreams. To get additional tips or to be coached by Prophecy himself, msg and follow him on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/iam_prophecy/