Exclusive Interview with Roland Sato Page, Author of “Eating The Forbidden Fruit”

Roland Sato Page,Think 7 Figures

Roland Sato Page

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We never stop dreaming. There are things in our life we want but due to the circumstances or life imbalance, we might not be able to pursue all our dreams. We can take immediate action on some of the goals but others can take us years to accomplish it. Staying clear on what and why we want is one of the ways to achieve it. The more desperate we are the closer we reach to the wanted success. If you love what you want to obtain then you should never give up on the idea even when it feels like you can’t achieve it.

Today I got an opportunity to introduce you all to one of the amazing humans I know, who has been an excellent example of never giving up on dreams. In this interview, I hope you will be able to find the inspiration and keep pursuing your dreams. Let’s welcome Roland Sato Page, the author of “Eating The Forbidden Fruit”. 

Hello Roland, I’m excited to share your story with our readers. Please tell us about you and your work.

Two years ago I lost my mom, she passed away of natural causes. Therefore I fell into a deep depression besides battling Lupus. It was like a double slap of tragedy. My family, wife and sons, encouraged me to pursue a method of mental therapy. A distraction from my woes. Thus I wrote my book Eating the Forbidden Fruit. 

2. What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

After my trial and tribulation in Law Enforcement, I needed a way to make a living. As a natural artist I ventured into the Body Art industry. The rest is history. The tattoo trade opened doors for retail, import/export, and other businesses. I have indulged into the entertainment industry with my son, Yung Ro, music career which he charted the bIllboard music charts four times independently. The music realm opened doors for concert promotions in the St. Louis Mo region. I promoted concerts for the likes of Earth, Wind, and Fire, Rakim, KRS-One, Bone Thugs N Harmony, DMX, Machine Gun Kelly, and the list goes on. The independent business lane has no glass ceiling.

 3. What were the biggest initial hurdles to writing and how did you overcome them?

Writing was easy, I already had my blueprint created in journals I kept during my incarceration. It was a matter of putting them in chronological order. One difficult hurdle was allowing my wife to proofread my novel. It had many unethical acts I indulged in. She understood the past was the past. Our bond is the present and future.

 4. What are 3 tips you can share with our readers as it relates to your book?

It’s a tale of karma, confession, and redemption. I put full transparency so I believe people of all classes will be able to relate to the struggle. We all fall from grace sometimes more than once. One thing is certain everything happens for a reason. 

5. How do you personally define success? What does it mean to you?

Success is determined upon individualism. One might prefer spiritual wealth whereas your financial well being is good but your spiritual faith is what strengthens you. Then there might be that person with the goal of some money is never enough. My success is based on the well being of my legacy having the capability to leave my family something to remember me by and pass onto generations to come. Pearl Gallery Inc mission is to provide a comfortable way of existence to our dynasty.

 6.How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

I am a humble man simply wishing to share my story with the world. I don’t consider myself an author as of yet. Lets see what the future holds for me with Eating the Forbidden Fruit. Trust and believe I have two other novels currently in production “Skin Deep” and “Walking the Purple Road”. Both are loosely based on my past experiences also.

7. What was the biggest business mistake you made and what did you do to learn from it?

I made quite a few. It’s a learning process. The mistake I never forget is not investing into family. Outsiders have no loyalty.

8.How did you deal with push back from family or friends concerning your entrepreneurial pursuits?

I deal with my immediate family being my wife and children. The distant and siblings have their own situations to focus on. Some family members are never around until you need them. 

9.What advice would you give to someone asking for advice about becoming an entrepreneur?

Create a business plan, think realistically, and get your credit healthy. 

10. We are entering an era where everyone is interested in multiple income streams. How does one decide on a business to pursue?

For me one hand feeds the other. My ventures are under one umbrella and fuel the other. Keep in mind hitting two objects with one stone yet the objects have to be in the same direction.

11. What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business success?

Customer service and good karma. St. Louis is the Show Me State some of the hardest critics in the United States. We wanted a NFL team once they started losing. We didn’t want them any more. I believe if you give blessings you get them in return. I always gave back to my community. It speaks volume.

12. Name 3 people in the business world who inspire you the most?

My parents, wife, and kids. Those are the only ones I seek approval from and I worry about. Their future is my future. My success assures their future.

13.Who is your hero and why?

My father and mother. Father entered the Army at age 15 with an eighth grade education, retired as a combat master sergeant with three wars under his belt. My mother, Fumi Karasaw, came to the US from Osaka Japan with my father speaking little english but made a way for my family to survive. My parents are my real life heros. 

14. What 3 books would you recommend every entrepreneur read?

“How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Caregie, “LEAP” by Gino Wickman, and “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” by me. My book is a book of inspiration. I don’t preach how I got to success. I laid the map out straight to it. 

15. What do you do to recharge when you are feeling drained?

I take a quiet drive with my wife.

16.If you had to pick a charity to give to, who would it be and why?

The Lupus Foundation since I am a warrior myself.

17.How do you think technology will affect the way we do business 10 years from now?

If we see the signs of the time it isn’t hard to see technology is the way of the future so invest wisely rather via education or financial. Plant your roots in the technology foundation so it can grow.

18. What is the one mantra that you live your life by?

A healthy body fuels a healthy mind. We are what we eat. Growing up in a Japanese household we practiced a healthy lifestyle.

19. What is your business all about?

Pearl Inc is all about the art industry. Body art, literary, and entertainment industry where we can exercise our creative talent. We sling ink onto paper and skin.

20.How can you be reached if someone is interested in your products or services?

My website has all my info. http://www.authorrolandpage.com