Exclusive Interview With Siri Casper, CEO & Founder of SIRIVISA Creative

Exclusive Interview With Siri Casper, CEO & Founder of SIRIVISA Creative

Exclusive Interview With Siri Casper, CEO & Founder of SIRIVISA Creative

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Although most of us daydream about success and have big goals we would love to accomplish, it is only a few who believe in themselves enough to take the first step and maximize their potential. 

Meet Siri Casper, CEO and founder of SIRIVISA Creative, a brand focused on holistic creative solutions for forward thinking products and personal brands who want to excel at storytelling, and provide their customers a unique digital experience.

Siri believes stories of success such as the one she shares don’t have to be so scarce. She believes everyone can achieve great things as long as they are willing to take the first uncomfortable step. 

In this exclusive interview, Siri shares her inspirational journey to financial and emotional growth, as well as actions you can take to accomplish growth in your business.

1.Tell me a little bit about your background and how you ended up choosing your field.

I actually started SIRIVISA Creative By accident! It was a series of pivots and opportunities that placed me on the path I’m traveling today. 

I have always been a very creative person. I went to school for fashion which is originally how I interpreted my creativity and manifested it into a physical product. After much trial and error in the industry, I made my way into fashion tech and then joined a startup providing SaaS software. Through those career shifts, I realized that there was a lot of room to be creative and solve problems in different ways, not just in the creation of products. As I refined my skills, I started being able to identify what I was good at and combined it with what I was interested in to offer a unique take on a service that all businesses need. The path to SIRIVISA creative was not linear. In the building process, like any business, we took two steps forward, one step back, three steps sideways and then forward again. What got me into my field was simply a process of elimination, a bunch of trials and errors that helped me figure out where I belong and what kind of career I wanted to shape for myself. 

2. What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

I can’t say exactly what made me take the leap. It was a combination of many things lining up perfectly that gave me the courage and stamina to take on this journey. I always had ambition. The desire was always there so when the opportunity presented itself, all I had to do was to say “yes” and I did. 

Siri Casper, CEO & Founder of SIRIVISA Creative
Siri Casper, CEO & Founder of SIRIVISA Creative

3. What are 3 tips you can share with our readers as it relates to your industry?

Creativity is about finding a solution to the physical problem through an emotional lens. 

Tip #1 – Practice and refine EMPATHY.

Being able to connect with your audience requires you to be able to empathize with them. Being able to appreciate the shoes they are walking in and knowing how to leverage that to evoke emotion is critical in our work as creatives.

Tip #2 – Balance being inspired but don’t let it take over.

Being inspired by the work and journey of others is how we learn and how we grow, but it’s a fine balancing act.

I think we must each juggle maintaining our unique voice and vision all while allowing ourselves to be inspired and learn from others, adopting their life lessons into our own successes.

Tip #3 – Practice other people’s craft.

Creativity is like a muscle you have to work out and it is not limited to content creation or content marketing. There’s immense creativity in almost all professions and exploring other people’s crafts allows you to explore another vantage point that can give you a unique perspective and understanding that you can carry through to your next project. 

Siri Casper, CEO & Founder of SIRIVISA Creative
Siri Casper, CEO & Founder of SIRIVISA Creative

4. How do you personally define success? What does it mean to you?

The age-old question! For me, this changes at different junctures in my personal journey. At one point, I would have told you having autonomy in my schedule was a success. Once I attained that, once I reached a different part of my journey, my idea of personal success evolved. As I write this today, I would say that I seek a sense of personal empowerment and peace. For me, that can be achieved through building something that can be leveraged to positively impact others and allow me a sense of accomplishment in being a key character in the chapters of other people’s stories. 

5. How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

I don’t. 

And, there are many reasons for that, that would perhaps be far too long for this particular article. 

For this moment in my story, I think a big part of being successful for those I partner with is understanding and acknowledging the work that those in my field are doing and putting my own twist on the successes others have achieved by learning from them. When you learn from others you pick up bits of them, their story, and their lessons, you adopt qualities of those individuals. Naturally, you reinterpret that within your work but I don’t think that takes away from anyone’s vision. This is basic human behavior.

The fact of the matter is, in the world of providing creativity as a service, your “eye” is the unique twist you provide and that isn’t something that can easily be taught, it can’t easily be imitated. It’s your imagination, your experiences, your willingness to explore and fail and pivot and try again. It’s your courage in connecting deeply with yourself and the delicate web of human emotion that ultimately supports you in creating a unique vision for your customers and for their audience. At least that’s what I believe right now but as with any story, I may evolve to have a different opinion as I learn and experience more in my journey as a creative.