Exclusive Interview with Torrence (T Riff) Burnett, COO of Scrybe Streaming

Torrence (T Riff) Burnett COO of Scrybe Streaming

Torrence (T Riff) Burnett COO of Scrybe Streaming

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Torrence Burnett is a music industry veteran with a long history of involvement in helping many artists reach the highest level of achievement as signed artists. This past February, Burnett was announced as the COO of Scrybe Streaming, the latest music and podcast streaming platform to enter the app store. 

We had the opportunity to catch up with Torrence and get his opinions on not only Scrybe, but the music industry as it stands. 

1. How was Scrybe Streaming brought to your attention? 

a. What were your initial thoughts? 

Scrybe was brought to my attention by the Christian, the CEO. Since the first day I met him, he has always been speaking about making the lives of his clients better. Therefore, it came as no surprise when he brought the idea of a streaming platform that was artist/creator-centric. My initial thoughts are as follows: 

a. Scrybe is a game changer- The current industry business model affords the lion’s share of the revenue to go to everyone but the artist or creator of the intellectual property. Scrybe allows direct to consumer transactions and rewards engagement over streams and inactive followers. 

b. Scrybe is a disrupter- I mean it is one thing to change the game over a gradual course and time period but Scrybe is set for immediate impact, total disruption! Just imagine what the industry will look like when artists finally get paid as owners, licensors, and entrepreneurs as opposed to highly ornamented music “industry slaves”. 

2. Being around during the CD Era, and surviving as an industry executive in the transition to the digital era, what do you feel has given you the edge to adapt as times change? 

My edge is simple, embrace change! Too often we become stagnant in our thinking, in our beliefs, and value in instant knowledge. Industry veterans, who are steadfast in believing that the “way we use to do it” is the only way, become dinosaurs doomed for extinction. I am not that veteran! I consistently align myself with young innovation and I respect the fact that leadership ability is not synonymous with age or a current professional position/title. The lifeblood of any industry is youthful mentality (you know, fresh solutions to old problems) and the zeal to do things differently, ie. Christian and Scrybe. 

3. Where do you feel like the music industry is headed as a whole, or better, what do you believe is the next wave? 

The music industry is moving towards a highly segmented market that is likely decentralized. More and more consumers are gravitating to less mainstream music and depending on self discovery for music selections. The next wave is Scrybe and all the Scrybe-like things to follow. But just remember,

“First comes the innovators, then the imitators, and finally the idiots!” Mark Cuban 

Christian, Martin, Christina, Valerie & Alex (our legal team), Etienne and the rest of the outstanding team equals “Innovator(s)”! 

4. Why do you feel apps like Scrybe haven’t made it to the market yet, and what makes you confident that this business model will sustain itself? 

I can’t confidently deny the existence of other apps like Scrybe. But I am confident that Scrybe is best positioned to be the market leader. Moreover, I believe there has not been a major push for Scrybe-like apps because the “big box” industry mesmerizes aspiring artists and creators into accepting that the best way to make it is through conventional means. Nevertheless, all things come to an end and eventually “A Change Is Gonna Come.” The Scrybe change and its business model will sustain because it is presently the only model that places the artist/creator in the proper hierarchical locus. It’s time to pay the artist/creator like we pay the company, the manager, the agent—FIRST! 

Special thank you to Torrence Burnett the COO of Scrybe Streaming for taking the time to answer these questions. If you’d like to know more about Scrybe Streaming visit ScrybeStreaming.com or watch the official explainer video here: https://youtu.be/z7RF0P4NxnY 

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