Exclusive Interview with TYPS4Life Health & Wellness Consulting CEO Tanya Y. Pritchett

Exclusive Interview with TYPS4Life Health & Wellness Consulting CEO Tanya Y. Pritchett

Exclusive Interview with TYPS4Life Health & Wellness Consulting CEO Tanya Y. Pritchett

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Think 7 Figures: Please introduce yourself to our audience

Tanya: One of my fears growing up had always been succumbing to a disease which “ran in my family”.  I vowed that I would do everything within my control to prevent myself from having diabetes, heart disease or some other chronic condition.  So, when I stepped on the scale in 2016 after feeling out of breath by simply walking down a few steps and was blindsided; it showed 199 pounds!  I was disappointed and angry at myself for not paying attention and choosing to ignore my weight steadily increasing and I was scared that my fear was going to come true.  I made the decision to learn how to healthily lose weight and how food affected my body and, then, to show others how to do the same by forming TYPS4Life Health & Wellness Consulting. 

Think 7 Figures: As a Speaker, Author, &/or CEO- What is Your Purpose and Who do you serve in this?

Tanya: My purpose is to empower people to have optimal, holistic health and wellness.  I serve driven professionals who struggle to lose weight, are frustrated by all the diet options and feel worn out and uncomfortable in their own body as a result.  The best diet is the one you will maintain; together, we create a custom plan that is simple to do without spending countless hours in the gym or kitchen, so that you release unwanted pounds & inches, look & feel confident in your body, and have more energy & vitality for your family and career!

Think 7 Figures: In your opinion- What do you do Better than Anyone Else? In other words- what is your Genius Zone!?

Tanya: My Genius Zone is project managing the most important project…one’s health.  I didn’t go to college to be a health coach; I went for engineering and telecommunications and later became certified as a Project Management Professional and spent most of my professional career as a project manager.  However, through my personal experiences in dealing with emotional eating and the struggle to control my weight, I learned how what I ate affected me and that it was different depending on what else was happening in my life.  I am curious and quirky; a lifetime learner.  I wonder why people rather hack their diet than have healthy habits. That led me to explore more about nutrition and eventually becoming certified as a nutrition and wellness consultant, holistic and sports nutritionist and weight management specialist. 

I draw upon my educational and professional experiences using the analytical, detail-oriented, and listening skills acquired to thrive as a health coach and helping people to set S.M.A.R.T. goals, prepare and plan before implementing in order to better manage their health.  I also focus on continuously learning from what went well and what could be improved as they go through their journey.

One of the keys to a successful project is knowing your stakeholders and understanding their needs.  As a health coach I help people manage their most important project- their health; and in doing so it’s important to know all the stakeholders involved and understand their needs.  This not only includes the client, but those who depend on them to be healthy; that helps to keep focused on the client’s objectives and goals

My faith is also part of my Genius Zone and has taught me forgiveness and reminds me to have gratitude.  It is important as one is tackling emotional eating, losing weight or improving their health that they be able to forgive themselves and treat their bodies with gratitude throughout the process.  

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Think 7 Figures: Why did you decide to link up with the YOU ARE ENOUGH Summit/Book project hosted by Dr. Cheryl Wood & Les Brown?

Tanya: I have followed Dr. Cheryl Wood ever since I first saw her speak at a workshop for the woman’s group for the company where I used to work.  The moment she said, “Stop fishing in the local pond and fish in the global ocean”, I knew that there was something bigger for me even though I wasn’t sure what it was at the time.  At her SpeakerCon2020 event I declared that my voice would be heard, my story would be told and my impact would be felt.  I enrolled her Speak and Write Your Message course and that afforded me the opportunity to be part of her I AM A VICTOR” book anthology as well as the EPIC event and book project: YOU ARE ENOUGH!”  I’m proud and honored to be part of her tribe and to be able to be a Social Media Champion for her upcoming SpeakerCon2021 event happening November 4-7, 2021.

I remember times when I went through body image and weight challenges and felt like I wasn’t enough.  I decided to link up with the project hosted by Dr. Cheryl Wood and Les Brown to inspire, empower and say to others who may have similar struggles, “YOU ARE ENOUGH and YOU are not alone in your journey.”  

Think 7 Figures: What Top 2 Tips would you give to an aspiring Speaker who wants to Impact the World with their voice?

  1. Tanya: Don’t think that what you have to voice isn’t enough; YOU ARE ENOUGH and your story and voice is meant to impact someone.  Find a mentor or coach to help you maximize using your voice to make that impact on the world.  Working with Dr. Cheryl Wood, Les Brown and other coaches and mentors I’ve had over the years has helped me tremendously in being able to express and voice my message.
  2. Tanya: Keep yourself healthy.  As I mention in my chapter, nourishing yourself is a form of gratitude.  It is difficult to have an impact when you are not performing at your optimal best.  Make sure you stay hydrated, move your body and have healthy habits.

Think 7 Figures: How can Speakers, Authors, & CEOs stay relevant during Covid-19? Why is this important?

Tanya: Speakers, Authors & CEOS can stay relevant by understanding how their message and the problem they solve relates to Covid-19 and by being visible in expressing that to their audience.  There has been so much uncertainty, stress and anxiety surrounding Covid-19.  Speakers, authors and CEOs can use their messages, products and services to help alleviate some of that and provide some calm in the midst of the storm.  Hearing or reading a message of inspiration and empowerment and getting tools and solutions like those provided in the YOU ARE ENOUGH conference and book provides people with something to hope for and aspire to and a method, service or solution to use to help them navigate their circumstance, especially those who my have had more negative impacts during the pandemic.

Think 7 Figures: How can readers stay connected with you?

Tanya: I have a few events coming up including a one-day retreat workshop, “Trick & Treat Yourself Thinner” in October and a “Healthy Happy Holiday” program that launches on Black Friday. Both are geared toward losing more weight and/or maintaining without deprivation or giving up your holiday goodies!

They can also connect with me via the “I AM A VICTOR” and “YOU ARE ENOUGH” book anthologies produced by Dr. Cheryl Wood; I am also a co-author in a third book, “Life Boosts”.  Readers can purchase the books, learn more and register for upcoming events as well as connect through social media and my website by going to https://linktr.ee/typs4life or they can email me at [email protected].

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