Faith Cabico, Spiritual Transformation Coach & Founder of Faith Hope Enlight

Faith Cabico, Spiritual Transformation Coach & Founder of Faith Hope Enlight

Faith Cabico, Spiritual Transformation Coach & Founder of Faith Hope Enlight

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Humans are not only a highly intelligent life form on Earth, but we also have the ability to experience universal energy. The power to manifest and heal is an extraordinary skill many people can learn and practice. With spirituality, people have been able to find purpose, clarity and become a better version of themselves. 

Enter Faith Cabico, a spiritual transformation coach, and the founder of Faith Hope Enlight. She believes that there is more to life than just a day job. Faith offers Reiki along with channeling her own light energy to clients. She is here to make a difference in people’s lives and guide them along their spiritual path. 

Hello Faith, we’re thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your work. 

Faith: Thank you for your invitation. I’m happy to be here and share my experience with your audience.

I’m a certified Reiki Master and Intuitive Medium. I worked for more than 16 years in corporate America after earning my Bachelor’s degree. I was and am always motivated to help people and business was not the right option. I involved myself in meditation classes to understand my skills, personality, and for a satisfying career. This led me to study Reiki which helped me to heal myself and made me passionate about my life’s purpose.

In 2017 I started Faith Hope Enlight with a mission to provide alternative wellness treatment so that people can have clarity, guidance, healing and in total abundance in life. I also teach and coach people to have the right spiritual paths. I have helped numerous people release blocks that stopped them from moving forward & help them understand their spiritual message so that they can discover their soul’s purpose.

Why is spirituality important in our daily life?

Faith: Spirituality is one of the important parts of our life creation. It’s a within experience which helps people to become peaceful, think positive, generate motivation, and more. Spirituality is not a religion; it’s our belief, trust, and gratitude towards an energy form that helps us to enhance our life. A good understanding of spirituality and its regular practice not only builds a prosperous living but also can bring positive changes around the world. 

Because of the competitive generation, numerous individuals are facing anxiety, stress,

and depression. People are focused on rapid growth and often ignore their health, family, nutrition, and additional. There are many aspects of spirituality but regular practice of meditation can reduce multiple mental and physical problems.

Right now it has been seen that big corporate people are seeking balance in their life. They got all the money they desire but no happiness. Spirituality is about being yourself and enjoying life. A spiritual being or entrepreneur finds happiness within themselves and increases their sixth sense which allows them to make better decisions throughout their day.

How do you do energy healing and why do you think energy healing is important?

Faith:  Energy healings are done to help individuals bring positivity. The result can be reducing pain from the body or removing negative energy and more. If we talk about Reiki sessions I tap into universal energy and transfer it to clients through the palms. Without touching clients they can feel the energy flow and healing during the session. 

Along with Reiki, I provide spiritual cleansing, intuitive reading, spiritual coaching, virtual home, and space clearing, and pet reiki service. 

Our life’s a journey of different experiences and sometimes we face moments getting hurt physically or emotionally. If these incidents are not properly cured it can build energy blockages in the body or bring negative thoughts. The pain and sorrow in humans should be cleared so the body can experience new changes. Often people ignore these events and later it becomes a bigger problem. Having the trust with healing energy and practicing it frequently helps to relieve pain, build muscles relaxation, speed the recovery process and build a strong immunity system. 

It was great to hear about spirituality and energy work from Faith Cabico. If you are having problems with tension, stress and need mental, emotional, and physical healing or have any questions, feel free to reach out to Faith at 

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