How a Storage Company Created the Most Advanced Automated Solutions

How a Storage Company Created the Most Advanced Automated Solutions

How a Storage Company Created the Most Advanced Automated Solutions

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As the world evolves, our need for storage solutions becomes more apparent. While this is something that is often overlooked by the customer, this is imperative to creating a satisfactory experience. One company that works behind the scenes of retail to ensure a hassle-free delivery is McMurray Stern.

McMurrary Stern is a specialty contractor that works with companies to design automated storage solutions. They aid these companies in discovering and utilizing the most efficient approaches to storage. Kenny D’Angelis, CEO of McMurray Stern, simply notes their mission: “to supply our customers with great products and services that help them deliver products to their customers quicker and cheaper.”

The need for appropriate storage has risen significantly since the start of the pandemic. Ordering products online has become much more appealing to customers. Because of this intense appeal, companies need to work even harder to make sure they are delivering the most efficient service.

Delivery has also become a lot more instant in the time of Covid-19. People can now order their groceries online and pick them up within an hour. Amazon prime promises two day delivery, making their turnaround time incredibly fast. These services do not come without intense changes from the companies which are offering them– changes which are implemented with the help of McMurray Stern.

McMurray Stern has begun to increase its implementation of automated services for companies. While there is a rise in demand for products, the time since the start of the pandemic has seen a significant shortage in labor. McMurray Stern emphasizes the role of automated storage systems in creating beneficial storage solutions, specifically with the lack of labor prevalent globally.

D’Angelis explains, “In order to fulfill consumer demands and needs, you need to get products closer to the customer. This is where micro-fulfillment and Automated storage systems come to play. There’s simply not enough labor to fulfill these needs.”

How a Storage Company Created the Most Advanced Automated Solutions

Although McMurray Stern retains a significant technological presence in their storage solutions, they are just looking to expand its prevalence in their company strategy. D’Angelis predicts, “Software will be the key driver as AI and machine learning will be more prevalent.”

McMurray Stern realizes their role in aiding companies to lean more on technology in their practices. They are planning to open a tech center in their headquarters in Santa Fe Springs to display the latest technology available for company use. They also plan to work closely with other companies that specialize in technology to further their impact on storage.

Now that people realize how fast delivery can be, and the intense scope of it, they will continue to expect more. D’Angelis says of current delivery services and the impact that it will have on future practices in the industry: “Society usually doesn’t go backwards and now consumers expect this.”

McMurray Stern continues to develop to create the best solutions for warehouse storage. We must continue to embrace the role that technology will play in the workplace, especially given our extremely high expectations. McMurray stern continues to incorporate technology into their practices.

Generating specific solutions that are tailored to each company is another important part of McMurray Stern’s practice. Grocery delivery, for example, is a lot different than clothing delivery. One needs to be accessed immediately by the customer, while the other can be delayed with limited consequences. A dress won’t “go bad” like produce will.

So, McMurray Stern must offer extensive services that differ in their approaches. When we get a package, we often do not concern ourselves with how it got there. However, this is an extremely important part of the process, and one in which McMurray Stern is helping to evolve considerably.