How L.A Brand Glow by Daye Created a Million Dollar Movement for Quality Hair Accessories

How L.A Brand Glow by Daye Created a Million Dollar Movement for Quality Hair Accessories

How L.A Brand Glow by Daye Created a Million Dollar Movement for Quality Hair Accessories

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Glow by Daye was started by a normal mother of two doing a 9-5 job in pharmaceutical sales who tried her entrepreneurial skills in 2016 and created bath bombs to sell on Amazon with roughly $1,000 as her initial investment. Little did she know, her $1,000 investment would turn into a giant company making multifold profit today. 

Ranay Orton, like other Black women, has always been conscious about her hair; for her, it was never a choice to get careless when it comes to hair care. With the bath bomb kick off better than expected, she one day realized that the market for bonnets is next to none on Amazon. Upon further research and self-analysis, she realized how disappointed she gets with her $2 bonnet bought from the local market due to the flimsiness, and shreds running in every direction. After giving it some thought, she decided to manufacture Bonnet by Glow by Daye herself rather than getting them shipped from Etsy and ending up with bad quality. 

What Ranay did, today has turned into a movement for Black women and others alike as a gesture to invest in self-care because the quality of the products you use matters. A woman who once did not think of spending more than $2 on a bonnet is now manufacturing one at its finest and has become a trendsetter regarding hair care products. 

Scaling for Success 

As Glow by Daye saw tremendous success from the bonnets on Amazon and surpassed $1 million in 2018 in sales, Ranay knew she had achieved a huge milestone because she believed in offering quality and not merely a product. 

During the pandemic, sales went up again because of the closing of saloons and people becoming conscious of their environment. The safest option many opt for was to do it at home. This was the time when Ranay scaled her business because the competition was increasing on Amazon, and she could not just keep cutting the prices down. Moreover, many started to copy Glow by Daye. From being an Amazon seller to owning a brand that is still booming in the hair care industry, Ranay has made a name for herself and strives to spread sheer love with her products. 

Today, Glow by Daye offers several hair care products to be shipped worldwide including satin bonnets, shower caps, satin scarves, deep conditioning heat caps, soft hooded dryer attachments, and soft pillowcases. 

Power of Entrepreneurship 

From Ranay Orton’s story of success, it can be learned that entrepreneurship can take you to a higher level of success if you dare to initiate. Ranay started in the field when there was close to no concept of silk hair accessories for Black women online, and she wanted to do something for herself, and her fellows who were struggling with the same problems. She took the initiative, and the rest is history. 

If you’re looking to become a part of the Glow by Daye Community, visit the website today!