How this Indian Startup “TID” is Transforming The Media Industry with Deepfake Technology.

How this Indian Startup “TID” is Transforming The Media Industry with Deepfake Technology.

How this Indian Startup “TID” is Transforming The Media Industry with Deepfake Technology.

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Synthetic Media aka Deepfake is an AI technology that uses a simulated personality to create convincing digital avatars. This technology has been used by many industries to convincingly portray different characters in film and TV productions. Deepfake technology has the potential to revolutionize the way people communicate and interact with each other.

According to Divyendra Singh Jadoun, the founder of The Indian DeepfakerIt is a cutting-edge technology that allows the creation of realistic or convincingly lifelike images and videos of people or objects”. The Indian Deepfaker is a pioneer in the field and has helped big media houses to achieve astonishing results.

TID has also made itself pretty much in the spotlight by counting its clients

New York University, Shine TV Network (UK) – (Hunted TV Reality Show), HIGINGO (UK), IIM Ahmedabad, Hyderabad School of Business, Glance, WPP and many more..

Deepfake is a technology that demands creative and technical hands using artificial neural networks and deep learning algorithms. Creating realistic images of people and objects can be difficult, but with the right tools, it’s possible to produce content that is beyond human expectations.

Divyendra Singh Jadoun is one of the leading persons in the Synthetic Media aka Deep Fake industry and has growing influence in India & around the world. His work has helped numerous companies to scale from local to become global brands using the Deepfake technology. With the help of The Indian Deepfaker, many brands, marketing & advertising Industries,celebrities have differentiated themselves from others and showcased visuals that last longer in the audience’s memory. 

The ability to create videos that are indistinguishable from those that could have been filmed is an important goal of Deepfake. This technology allows for a much more realistic and lifelike experience for audiences, which can help to create a more immersive and emotionally powerful movie experience.

Divyendra Singh Jadoun mentioned that “Deepfake technology is growing in popularity due to its potential uses in marketing and advertising. With that, brands can create better ads, videos, or products. By using this technology, businesses can exponentially improve their marketing efforts and reach a wider audience”.

There are several advantages of using Deepfakes in the media industry: 

1) Deepfake can create realistic high graphic physical appearances without having to use traditional makeup or prosthetic devices. 

2) It can help actors more easily project their emotions, providing them with a more believable performance. 

3) It can improve the believability of digital avatars, which could make them more popular among audiences.

Along with creating hyper-realistic Deepfakes for national & international brands, The Indian Deepfaker is also providing courses for interested individuals to learn from the best of the best. Divyendra aims to educate more people about Deepfake and its unlimited opportunities to revolutionize the media as well as various industries; that is why the price for the courses are very affordable ranging from only $300 basic, $500 standard, and $900 advance. 

If you are looking to scale your media production quality and get maximum return on your investment, check out The Indian Deepfaker.