How to get press for your startup

How to get press for your startup

How to get press for your startup

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You have started the business and are ready to thrive. That is your dream business, and you want to go all-in but you don’t know where to start. For any company, PR is the first step to marketing or establishing a brand. Highly successful people know the importance of PR which is why they create an event to launch their product. In the event, they invite hundreds of influencers, reporters, and people from the media. What it does is with that single event they tap into a worldwide audience. Multi-Million and billion dollar businesses always go with the PR event to promote any new service or product of their company. That is always one of the best ways to ensure a successful start.

Why do startups need a PR Strategy?

When you start a company, you need to create a website. This has become one of the necessities because everything has been digitized. Now customers want to find all the information about your service online. If you don’t have a website for your business, it is comparatively hard to survive. 

When you do good PR, your business website gets strong backlinks from various media publications. This helps your website to get instant authority and provides SEO benefits. As a business owner, you need to provide related content to customers. And having backlinks will help your blog rank faster and higher on the search engine. That brings thousands of new customers to your site and becomes members of your email list. When you have this scenario, you will be saving funds for advertisement and growing website traffic. That is why tech pr is crucial for new businesses.

If you have plans to grow your business and get investor funds, you need to increase your traffic. The more PR you do additional will be people visiting your business website. That enhances the chances of your business getting funded by angel investors.

New entrepreneurs or business owners might not have the funds to create events or invite influencers. Here are some easy ways you can promote your business with low investment.

The first way to bring media attention to cover your story without a budget is to research. Read numerous articles written on similar businesses like yours. Find contact with the writer and email them about your new company. Do not push them but give an idea of why your business is different and better. Your email should be in such a way that the author should feel motivated to do a story for you and your business. This process takes time and might feel stressful if not committed.

Another way is writing a great blog post or guest post for another website. Guest posting on a high-domain authority website can help you get new visitors to your site as well as grow your authority. There are numerous websites where you can hire freelancers to write a great article about your company. They are often affordable and easy to work. Remember PR is a long-term strategy for a business. If you are pitching a reporter, email them in the most human way possible. Provide them a reason to hear and share your brand. Working with journalists or PR agencies who already have a good connection with them is one of the best ways to promote your new business.