Ideazon Crowdfunding review

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  • Who is Ideazon
  • What’s A Crowdfunding Agency? 
  • Who is Ideazon For?
  • What’s Ideazon’s Crowdfunding Strategy?
  • Is Hiring Ideazon Worth It?

Introduction to Ideazon

Ideazon started out launching some of the hottest startups while working with Venture Capitalists in LA’s “Silicon Beach”. Since then, Ideazon has expanded exponentially and became a pioneer in the crowdfunding world.

Ideazon’s team became Crowdfund Marketing Experts by being mentored by some of the most highly successful Digital Marketing Experts in the online space, where they then used this knowledge to devise a new kind of marketing agency helping entrepreneurs crowdfund new products and startups. Ideazon’s business model focuses on partnering with people in the early stages of their business to launch their products or startups into the marketplace, regardless of the founder’s experience, skills or marketing expertise.   Ideazon devised a systematic approach to finding, developing, and launching highly successful crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, as well as on popular Equity Crowdfunding platforms. 

Ideazon used this method to help hundreds of people raise funding, get exposure for, and kickstart their new business ventures.   There’s no doubt that Ideazon has made it as both a Digital Marketing Agency and Crowdfunding Expert. Ideazon’s team has received numerous Awards and helped build companies from idea to getting acquired for 8 Figure sums. Using their crowdfund marketing strategies and digital marketing expertise, Ideazon has proven that they know what they’re doing when it comes to launching new products or startups online. 

What to Expect from Ideazon

Ideazon’s marketing is only focused on crowdfunding and helping people launch their products or services.

  Ideazon offers to partner and launch a successful crowdfunding project with select entrepreneurs. Ideazon’s crowdfund marketing is only for people looking for funding, exposure, or to prove the concept.  Ideazon also focuses on helping to build businesses long term and helping startups grow through digital marketing since they have extensive knowledge in Digital Marketing. This includes things as Branding, Content Creation, Social Media, Video Production, and Facebook Ads.   The Ideazon Crowdfunding Agency reviews new products and startups every week and partners with projects that have the most crowdfunding potential. This is an Invitation-only offer to work with their team and you will be expected to invest between $5,000 – $15,000+ into the marketing endeavors. Once you partner with them, you get direct access to their team and they do everything from start to finish to help you launch a successful 6-Figure Crowdfunding Campaign. 

Why Ideazon Is DIFFERENT

Unlike other marketing services, Ideazon is specifically tailored to launching your product or startup using their proven crowdfund marketing process.

Not only this, the best part about this agency is getting access to mentors and crowdfunding experts who specialize in helping early-stage startups and startup founders who need extra marketing experience behind them. 

When working with Ideazon, you get access to a private team of marketing experts who are ready to create and execute a launch plan that is customized to your unique product or industry.

Why is this important? It’s because having a team who specializes in crowdfund marketing and early-stage startups is absolutely crucial to someone’s success to getting a 6 figure crowdfunding raise on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. 

Not only this, these are NOT marketing consultants. Ideazon and their team are people actually working in Crowdfund Marketing and have helped launch 100’s of products. Whether it’s working with startups, apps, inventors, or multimillion dollar companies they actually know what they’re doing.

Have you ever hired a marketing person to help you and thought you were wasting your time or money? All because you KNOW the person has absolutely NO idea how to actually launch a successful business, or doesn’t have a proven track record of getting results…

This is NOT the case with Ideazon. Ideazon has a stake in the success of your crowdfunding project and is just as much invested in getting results as you are. They even personally review and vet out the best products or startups to make sure they can actually help you launch a successful project before getting involved.  

Because of this, the Ideazon team actually knows what they’re talking about and actually know who to try and help crowdfund, or not. 

Which leads me to my next point. YOU NEED PLANNING

No one can succeed alone in launching a business. There’s too many different skill sets and things for one person to manage, and you need to be updated on the newest strategies.

In this day and age having a great product or service isn’t enough. You need exposure and a solid digital marketing plan.  Which is why when you run into a wall or something you don’t understand, it is absolutely crucial to have an experienced team behind you to do it right.

Marketing experts who have an interest in your success are there to guide you to your road to success and this is where Ideazon shines the most. Ideazon clearly knows every problem you’re going to run into regardless of where you are…

Whether you have

  • No Marketing Expertise
  • No Video or Marketing Content 
  • First Time Crowdfunding
  • No Inventory or Final Prototype

Ideazon and their team know exactly what you’ll be stuck on, and can make sure you’re doing everything right to crowdfund successfully the first time. 

Why outside help/freelancers/youtube videos/blogs/DIY alone won’t work.

Trust me, I’ve tried EVERYTHING to launch my business myself.

I’ve tried to self fund my venture as long as I could and even tried to pitch it to investors. After getting discouraged I also watched HOURS AND HOURS of youtube videos on how to crowdfund myself. I’ve read countless blogs on how to get started in Digital marketing too.

Guide after guide, video after video

All of them DON’T WORK

And why is this?? It’s because they’re just simple videos of “how to”. They don’t change that fact that you need an actual process in place and a whole team to execute the plan. I’m an engineer and more on the business side, I’m not a marketing expert so I don’t have the advanced Facebook ads skills, the PR connections, or an established network of crowdfunders behind me, yet. Crowdfunding is not made for beginners and it takes solid planning and execution to get success in the short window of opportunity that crowdfunding provides. 

This is why if you try to do it all yourself or follow any blog post online, it just won’t work. 

You need expertise, guidance, and a proven process to help you for every step of the way.

Top ranked crowdfunding team.

Besides crowdfunding, another great thing about Ideazon’s program is that you’ll get to partner with an entire team of business growth experts who want to help you succeed long term. 

They are professionals who have actually helped build million dollar businesses in a variety of fields and are constantly having success. They will be the ones pushing you forward beyond just crowdfunding, also helping you with what you’re stuck on, and growing your business to new levels. 

If you didn’t realize, it takes a team to get to the next level. As the old adage goes, “”If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” If you ever joined a sports team, you just naturally improve because everyones doing what they do best and working together to get it all done. 

If you try to do everything yourself then your business will always stay at a certain level — the level that you’re capable of going. Only after you team up with people who have gone beyond that point and have been there before will you finally see that breakthrough that you’ve been striving for. 

Now take this team concept and put into launching your business. Imagine you’re teamed up with absolutely killer marketers who do marketing everyday, and where they have a real interest in your success, where you both win when your venture succeeds. 

This is why Ideazon is absolutely the best crowdfunding agency to work with.

Who is Ideazon For?

Unlike other marketing services or agencies, Ideazon is specifically tailored to getting you results on your upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Not only this, but they mostly work with early-stage startups, entrepreneurs, and inventors who are trying to launch new products and ideas.   

Ideazon’s crowdfunding strategy is for entrepreneurs who want to raise funding for their business, prove the concept, and get exposure all at the same time. They also create a business roadmap for sustainable growth beyond just the initial crowdfunding launch. 

Anyone looking to launch a successful business in 2021 and get the marketing expertise they need could benefit from Ideazon. If you’re trying to do everything yourself, running out of cash, or need to get massive exposure for your product or startup then you may find yourself applying to work with Ideazon.

Not only this, these are NOT fee-based marketing services. Ideazon helps partner with entrepreneurs and shared in the success of the projects that it takes on. 

If you’ve ever tried to do marketing yourself and weren’t sure it it was actually working, or you paid a marketing person in the past then you know that it’s difficult to know if your time and money is well spent.

This is NOT the case with Ideazon. Their team personally wants to see you succeed and they make sure everything is to your satisfaction. If you’re looking for more a partner rather than just hiring a marketing person then you will like the Ideazon performance style of marketing.

Who is Ideazon NOT For?

You need to have a great PRODUCT or startup. You cannot crowdfund everything. The more original it is and new, the more likely Ideazon can crowdfund it. It doesn’t have to be completely novel however. There are also lots of “better mouse trap” ideas that do particularly well with crowdfunding, as well as new apps, startups, and other businesses. 

Besides having a great product or idea, the next thing is timing. If you already launched a crowdfunding project and it’s failing, then it’s difficult for Ideazon and most other crowdfund marketing agencies to help you. This shortcoming is true of Ideazon as well. Because of this, the Ideazon team prioritizes new products and startups over helping failing crowdfunding campaigns. They actually know what they’re doing when planning a new project launch, but they need time and resources to do it right. 

Which leads me to my next point. IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY

No entrepreneur one should be surprised by that statement. No one can succeed alone in business without taking on some risk. There’s too many things that need to be invested in in order to launch. You need to invest time, talent, and MONEY into successful marketing strategies. 

Everyone that partners with Ideazon is forced to invest some money into the marketing efforts. If not, then they will likely not take your project as seriously. Which is why when you try to crowdfund all you need to make sure of is having a crowdfund marketing budget to run with. That being said, it is absolutely crucial to have a partner like Ideazon who will also have some incentive to help you hit your goals. 

Mentors and marketing experts are there to guide you to your road to success but they can’t work with people who expect them to do everything for them. Ideazon clearly knows what kind of marketing strategy and budget you’re going to need regardless of where you are at in your business. 

Ideazon is for people who are willing to invest into themselves and their startup, as well as their financial success. It’s also for those who realize that they are going to be as successful as their product or startup entails. Ideazon gives you the tools, the knowledge, and the techniques necessary to launch a crowdfunding project, get exposure, and maximize success relative to your project type or industry.

You can even expect to achieve faster-than-normal success with your crowdfunding project, and could possibly “get fully funded” in a relatively short amount of time.  The Ideazon strategy is extensive and all inclusive. With step by step process of pre-launch marketing, test marketing, content creation, video production, and launch strategies. The Ideazon team covers all the basics as well as the advanced digital marketing tactics that you need to get funded. The team spends weeks and sometimes several months helping their clientele prepare so they can maximize your funding and exposure from your big crowdfunding launch.  However, you will only benefit from this program if you’re willing to contribute time, energy, and money needed for your business to be successful, and works best for people who are:  

  • Willing to learn and take responsibility for their startups financial future.
  • Who is ready to apply relevant, tested, and in-depth techniques, strategies, recommendations, and methods to launching their business. 
  • Who will be open to feedback and changes based on what you learn to optimize your marketing based on your niche.

I don’t want to sound mean, but it’s important that you know that Ideazon and crowdfunding won’t work for you if you don’t take input well (as with literally everything else in this world.) This crowdfunding strategy does, however, an amazing job at getting your product or idea in front of your target market, using the right messaging, proving the concept, and it establishes everything you need to raise $100,000+ on your next crowdfunding project! Let’s take a look at what Ideazon’s crowdfunding game plan is all about…

Ideazon Launch Plan: It’s Features

  There are 4 critical components in Ideazon’s strategy that are essential for crowdfunding success. These Consist of:

+Pre-Launching Marketing

  • Test marketing
  • Gathering Information 
  • Building Email Lists

+Content Creation 

  • Branding & Angles
  • Project Page Design
  • Video Production

+Promoting Your 100K Project

  • Advertising
  • PR & Social Media
  • Crowdfunding Community 

+Building Sustainable Income 

  • Websites
  • E-commerce Options
  • Growth Strategies You’ll Need 

The Ideazon team works with their clients through each phase and implements step by step what you need to do in order to have crowdfunding success. Ideazon walks you through what you need to do to go from having 0 experience in crowdfunding to launching your first successful campaign. Then after you get the funding with your first project of $100,000+ or more, then you can grow your business and take things to the next level with getting inventory, marketing, hiring people, and everything else you need to do to achieve your dream. 

Crowdfund Video Team

One key feature that Ideazon gives its clientele is access to an entire video team that specializes in creating crowdfunding promo videos and content to help your project perform its best. The inclusion of an in-house professional crowdfunding video team is really where Ideazon stands out from other agencies.   Moreover the video team has produced 100’s of promotional videos for some of the top-level Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. The ability to not only get help promoting you, but to work with experienced video professionals is a huge advantage to make your startup look like a million dollar company. 

Lastly, the Crowdfund Video Team at Ideazon allows you to edit and update your content according to the marketing team’s insight on how to optimize your Facebook Ads success. Facebook is a very dynamic platform, which changes quite often, and as such this combination of expertise all under one roof allows their clientele to get updates on what works on Facebook and what doesn’t.

Partnering With Ideazon: Is It Worth It?

Now that you’ve seen for yourself what Ideazon is all about, you might be wondering, if this agency really provides all it claims to provide, is it worth partnering on my project and giving up a % of the funds I raise?  Well to be fair, a lot of people look at the price and are turned off. $5,000 to $15,000+ is considered to be expensive to most people.

However, considering how much people invest in their ventures already, the amount of value you’re getting with Ideazon, and the ability to generate $100,000+ on your first crowdfunding project, one could argue that the initial marketing budget required is underpriced. To start, traditional marketing agencies and professionals typically work like this: 

-A monthly retainer fee

-3 Month or 6 Month Contract

-Hourly Rates 

-Investors/Partners Who Want Equity  

All of these cost anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000 per year, or a large ownership stake in your company. So compared to  Ideazon, the true cost is much better.  Not only this, the deal Ideazon creates is performance based. Ideazon only requires an initial marketing investment and then earns a percentage of the crowdfunding raise. 

These other options, compared to Ideazon, where you could possibly be raising $100,000+ in 90 days, is absolutely worth it for the marketing budget you invest.   

The amount of value that Ideazon provides in the entire launch strategy helps entrepreneurs raise 6 figures and gives them every resource available to grow their business. Additionally, the Ideazon team is constantly updating their process with new digital marketing strategies both for crowdfunding and beyond crowdfunding. This means you get what’s working NOW. I can’t honestly say the price is too expensive, not for the value that’s available. 

It is absolutely under-priced.   For me, the most valuable part is the guidance, expertise, and the time and frustration you save having a professional do it all for you. Ideazon’s marketing team will build out your marketing and execute the plan as if it were their own product or startup. When I reached out to Ideazon I was a complete beginner and it was my first time crowdfunding. I had no idea what crowdfund marketing really was.   

Ideazon saved me a lot of headaches and turned me into knowing everything I needed to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter, and get my business to the next level. The Ideazon program is startup friendly and is designed to evolve you out of that startup status as soon as possible to get your business profitable.

Ideazon Crowdfunding: Final Review

I rate Ideazon’s team 5/5 Stars.   I can’t recommend this agency enough to people if they ever are lucky enough to get an invitation to partner with them. This program is absolutely the best program to getting a $100,000+ crowdfunding goal. There is no other program quite like this that gets so many results in such a short period of time.    The $5,000 – $15,000 price is absolutely worth it because it is a life-changing investment. I have nothing but good things to say about the program and Ideazon’s friendly team. If you are patient and you don’t mind planning out a successful launch in advance, then you need Ideazon to start putting everything together now. There are things you just can’t do yourself without expertise and a time-tested process.