Introducing Reverend Breanne Stewart Preacher, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author

Introducing Reverend Breanne Stewart Preacher, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author

Introducing Reverend Breanne Stewart Preacher, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author

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Think 7 Figures interviews some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs and change-agents in the World. Today we take great pleasure in featuring Rev. Breanne Stewart.

Breanne Stewart is a Preacher, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author.

Breanne has a powerful women’s ministry called Breanne Stewart Ministries. BSM was created to Empower, Inspire, and Motivate women to walk boldly in their purpose. Breanne has been blessed to host many women empowerment conferences that have impacted hundreds of lives.

Breanne has been in ministry and business for over ten years. She became  ordained as Reverend Breanne Stewart on June 10, 2023. 

Reverend Breanne Stewart serves under the leadership of Prophet Julia Swilling and Pastor Dr. Gary Swilling at First Macedonia Baptist Church.

Breanne has a life coaching business called “The Queendom Tribe.” She coaches women about how to find their purpose and build strong ministries, businesses, marriages, and friendships through Jesus Christ. Breanne created her own fashion line called The Bre Speaks Collection where she has built a brand that promotes women’s empowerment. Breanne has been Chosen by God to empower His people.

Breanne encourages women to walk into every room like they know that God sent them there.

She teaches the importance of knowing how dope you are without validation, congratulations, or a celebration. One of Breanne’s best quotes is “Embrace the person that God has called you to be. Can’t NOBODY unseat you from a place God has prepared for YOU.”

Think 7 Figures: Who is your ideal client?

My Dream clients are women who are willing and ready to grow and invest in their personal lives and businesses . Women who are ready to level up in every area of their life. Women who are determined and motivated.

Think 7 Figures: Perfect! You impact the lives of so many women. Exactly how does your business/brand help Women to elevate?

I help women win by inspiring, empowering, and motivating them to walk boldly in their purpose. My team creates strategic systems and methodologies that provoke impact and lasting change. 

Team Photo (Breanne Stewart Ministries, LLC)

Think 7 Figures: Love It! Whats Next for your organization?

One of our largest annual events is called: Wake, Pray, Slay. Our upcoming event will take place October 21st. Our team expects God to fill the room, transform lives, and build long-lasting relationships.

Additionally, to futurther empower Women to enter their next level of purpose, I’ve created The Queendom Tribe Life Coaching and Mentoring Program.

My team aims to offer ground-shaking and approachable soul-touching sessions that give participants permission to “dream aloud” and learn some valuable insights from experts, while having a relaxing time in a safe and pleasant surrounding.

The goal is simple:

No more inadequate thinking

No more doubting capabilities

No more second-guessing business plans

No more negative thoughts and whispers in your mind

It’s time to break free! 

Rev. Breanne Stewart has been featured in many reputable publications such as Empowered Magazine, Rebel Canva, Voyage’s Bold Journey Series, Women Win Network, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Medium to name a few.

She is currently nominated for ACHI Magazine Awards: Fire and Ice Tour (Master Coach of the Year, Woman of the Year, Woman of Influence, and Mentor of the Year), Inspire U Awards (Coach of the Year & Speaker of the Year), God Made Millions (Entrepreneur of the Year), and Empowered Magazine Awards (Woman Empowerment Award.)

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