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J.Prime DJ


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DJ’s play a huge role in creating successful events. Some Bars/Clubs are famous because of the music and the mood which comes along. Imagine a fun party dance at a wedding, a long night following the flow of good sounds, some hours to dance to great beats… the memories last forever! In today’s world, without a DJ any kind of celebration feels quite empty. It is one of the trending careers to motivate crowds and make them feel good  with mixed music.

Meet J. Prime, professional DJ and a producer. In this exclusive interview, he will share some of the tips that every aspiring DJs should know. 

Hello J.Prime, we’re thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us how you got into Djing?

I discovered my interest towards DJing at the age of 13. I was raised in Baltimore and  one of  my friends got his first turntables. He used to teach me how things work and we used to make different music for fun. It always felt like some kind of satisfaction while making our own random songs at a young age. I had a feeling that I will be able to do something great in this field because I connect with the equipment and process.

Growing up I was hugely influenced by Jazzy Jeff and DJ mell starr. I started rapping and released an Ep in 2012 entitled “ The Chronicles of STAV”which stands for STANDING TALL ALWAYS VICTORIOUS.

In every event, the energy and constant engagement I share with the audience gives me the reasons to continue working. DJing is not only about playing different music, it helps to share happiness and create a more powerful human connection. The stage is a powerhouse and I truly honor it. My goal is to become an international DJ and share my influence with the world.

What are the things every aspiring DJ should know?

I have noticed that it is quite hard to make a living as a new DJ in town. The reason is that organizers don’t want to take the risk of hiring a new tallent. So, I recommend having an additional side job that can contribute some income. Startup individuals often play in events of friends where they are expected to be free. They perform at clubs  and get as low as $50 because they are “beginner”.. Till the period you build a reputation that can pay you a living, have a side hustle, that will help you to keep working on your passion.

You have to love Djing and should be able to perform every kind of song. One of the things you should do regularly is to be active on social media. Everyone loves music and showing your talent via these platforms can help you build reputation and followers. When people know you, it will be easier to call them out for an event where you will be the main DJ. This will help you to charge higher prices from the event organizers.

As your popularity grows, think about hiring a manager who can help you find high value gigs, takes care of marketing, branding, booking tours and help you maximize the impact. Giving them 10% to 20% of the money you make is a standard rate.

When you think that you can make a living as a DJ and have some savings, consider buying your own equipment. As a professional DJ, you will need to practise often and you may also enjoy making your own music with your personal equipment. Some events might not be able to facilitate this, so you don’t want to lose the gig because of this. Having your own stuff can help you!

What advice would you like to share with a DJ ready for the first program?

Be well prepared! This is one of the most important things that will help you to have an amazing career. When you play the song for the audience, the only reaction you should expect is their total involvement. Audiences are smart and they can find the flaw in your work easily. Imagine you’re doing a gig at a marriage ceremony and the audience tends to reject the playlist and you’re having trouble engaging them towards your performance. This impacts your whole career. Not being well prepared will  block your opportunity to take leads on different available programs in the future.

Know about the event. When you accept any project, first know all the details. This will help you to manage the songs that will be appropriate, acknowledge the number of audience, space of the venue and all those little things that will come handy to you. Acting professional will help you increase reputation and possibly your charge.

Practise as much as you can. In becoming a DJ, confidence plays a big role. Show the audience that you own the party and you can move them as you want. Having such confidence will help you connect with the audience and get recommendations from 100’s of people who enjoyed your total program.

J. Prime DJs at many weddings all around the country and corporate parties.

To book J. Prime:

Email: [email protected]

IG: @j_prime1

Facebook: Jay Prime

Twitter: @JPrime8308

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