LOLA- A Must Watch Movie Of The Current Time


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Lola is an upcoming movie based on fictional characters. It’s an uplifting production on how Lola transformed her personality from being harassed to being a champion. Produced and distributed is the movie by Antoine Allen Films which is an award-winning independent production company.

The film was directed by Antoine Allen and written by Gregg Dacosta, Julia Aaryn Montanex together with Antoine. And stars like Taja V. Simpson as Lola alongside Kazy Tauginas, Eugene N.Walker, Nakia Dillard, Jennifer Figuereo, Andree M. Harris, Ashlee Evans- Smith and Jacinth Headlam are bringing all the characters to life.

The Development of a Lola film began in early 2019 but the project was paused for a while because of Antoine’s health. The movie is now completed. This is Antoine’s second featured film which falls in the category of female boxing movies.
He previously made a short film SPLIT/DECISION and a feature film called “Life Is Too Short”.

Taja V. Simpson having the role of Lola says:  “ This role has stretched me and I’ve grown so much because I was able to step into her shoes. #Lola will go down as one of my favorite films I’ve ever done and I’m #foreverGrateful.”
A regular girl in love but rejected by her friends/ family becomes an undefeatable boxer. Simpson describes the film as an opportunity to empower people to believe in themselves and always have self-confidence,

Reviewing the movie, I will definitely say that it is a must watch movie of the current time. The movie is elaborating many very recent discussed subjects like sexual preferences, stereotypes, tradition and the structures of families. It furthermore shows a world where people take an opportunity to transform problems and challenges into positivity and strength. The movie highlights social structures and challenges as well as a very individual story where the mindset is fundamentally leading the path to a better future. 

All these topics are  incorporated perfectly in a story which keeps you compelling every second and inspires you to reflect on numerous current political, social and personal topics.

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