Linas Pikturna, (WOTG) CEO & Wolfway Enterprises Co-founder

Linas Pikturna, (WOTG) CEO & Wolfway Enterprises Co-founder

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With brand new Crypto Play-to-Earn PvP style video game that is set to be released in Q1 of 2022.

On November 20th (WOTG) reached a market cap of $5.2 million with in 48 hours after being listed on CoinMarketCap and did 350x over the launch price. War of Tribes is set to release NFT platform later next month. 

War of Tribes is an online third person MMORPG PvP game that allows players build they characters earn rewards and unique NFTs by participating in PvP matches in battle arenas and battlegrounds with specific objectives. During launch there will be four playable races that players can choose from – humans, elves, trolls and orcs. Each race will have its own unique abilities and advantages. 

There will be four playable classes to choose from – Warrior, Shaman, Hunter and Wizard. Each class will have its own gameplay and unique abilities. Warriors are masters at close combat and weapons. Shamans can heal and use small weapons and spells to fight their opponents. Hunters are masters at traps and long distance fights with bows and crossbows. Finally, wizards are masters of magic using different spells to destroy their opponents. 

Members from each race represent their tribe in battlegrounds and PvP arenas. The goal of the game is to acquire as much land and resources for your tribe which allows players to gain passive rewards, acquire land and earn NFTs.You will be able to customize, level up and develop your character and possibly sell it as extremely high value NFT.


Players are able to fight 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 matches in battle arenas. Winners of the match will earn tokens, in-game NFTs and honour points. 


Fight other players in battle arenas using challenger mode. Each player will be able to challenge other players to fight for money. The winner takes all plus regular arena rewards. 


Each quarter we’ll be hosting arena tournaments where teams will be able to compete for huge prizes, NFTs and titles. Winning arena battles will give you ranking points that will determine your team’s spot among others. If you happen to lose a match, your ranking will drop. At the end of the tournament season, the winner will be determined by their ranking. Number 1 team will get 60% of the prize pool, number two 30% and number 3 10%.


● Win tournaments and arena battles to win cash rewards in our native token.

● Beat other teams and players for exotic NFT and item drops

● Trade and sell your NFTs for profit on our NFT auction house or any other NFT marketplace.

● Buy and trade rare NFTs to increase your chances to win.


To ensure flawless trading, the game will have very low trading fees. The online NFT marketplace called the auction 

house will be available in game and on the website.


Early access will be released Q1 2022. The first version of the game will include a central MMO hub with battle arenas, character customisation, in-game marketplace and battlegrounds and the first PVP tournament.

Players will be able to select their character, gear up and join the battle for their tribe. Each new expansion pack will be released quarterly, launching new tournaments, adding new battle arenas, battlegrounds and expanding playable worlds. Each tribe will get their own base city, an area where they can meet others, build teams and practice their skills for the war ahead.


● Create and customise your character, select your race and your class.

● Start playing, complete beginner zone missions and earn rewards. 

● Add unique items to your character and purchase premium NFTs to increase your power, health points, attack  

skills and much more. 

● Win arena battles against other players to get new items, NFTs and earn tokens.

● Build your character, add new items and join teams with other players in the battle for your tribe. 

● Win tournaments, titles and NFT prizes.


(WOTG) is about to change the dynamics of online MMORPG games using the blockchain technology. We start with small, but profitable arena battles, battlegrounds and move to creating an entire world for players to immerse themselves and earn real-life rewards for playing the game. 

The game mechanics will be constantly updated in order to maximize the community’s experience and keep gameplay fresh. New Regions, Characters, Skills, Events, Modes, and Tournaments will be introduced monthly. This is something you don’t want to miss.