Makarand Utpat: The Mentor You Need To Build A Thriving Business

Makarand Utpat: The Mentor You Need To Build A Thriving Business

Makarand Utpat: The Mentor You Need To Build A Thriving Business

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Every day numerous individuals are enrolling themselves in various courses to become a coach or consultants. The skill helps people in their own life and being able to support other people with that knowledge gives unexplainable satisfaction. The number of excellent coaches is growing each day but many of them lack expertise in marketing their own business. This is why there are only a few consultants or coaches that we can name.

Enter Markarand Utpat, Amazon best-selling author, digital marketing expert, speaker, and thought leader. He has been able to build a thriving business from the ground up. What is impressive about Markarand is his dedication to educating and helping coaches/business owners about the need for digital marketing to build successful careers.Because of his astounding work, he has been featured and/or invited on many prestigious media outlets like Brian Tracy TV Show, C-Suite Network, Radio Chai, News India Times, Best-Seller TV and many more.

Today we are thrilled to have Makarand in our media. Here are some of the questions we asked him so that our audience can get some inspiration and implement the strategies in their own business.

Hello Makarand, please tell us more about your business?

I help business owners get results faster and build a profitable business from the beginning. Many entrepreneurs try to do all the work in a business by themselves which burns them out. Business owners should always prioritize getting some free time to educate themselves. So, they understand the changing customer needs and different marketing trends. The way of doing business a couple of years ago and now has changed drastically. 

I help businesses/ coaches get found and discovered on Google and social media, generate quality traffic, convert them to loyal customers, generate daily leads, automate the process to ultimately have more income and freedom.

How can a new coach become successful?

To be successful at whatever anyone does, there should be a connection with the work. Someone can’t work hard and commit to a project if he/she is not passionate about it. So, the first step for a coach to become successful is to get clarity.

The next step is to focus on providing maximum value to the new clients. I have seen numerous coaches chasing customers and trying to get many bookings in a short period. This is why many new coaches or consultants fail. To make the desired income there is no need for 50 or 100 coaching clients. When someone provides maximum value to the clients, their authority and expertise increase, which brings continued recommendations. When a coach is able to get recommendations from previous clients, they will be able to increase their price for the coaching. There are many people who do one-on-one coaching and charge $5,000 to $50,000. 

It’s up to you how you want to become successful. Working with 1000 people and making a few dollars or building your authority, charging high prices, and making more impact.

What advice would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners?

Something that I share many times through social media or on speaking events for aspiring entrepreneurs is to focus on getting initial clients and getting few testimonials going. Don’t think about hiring big bucks in the beginning. When we help someone solve their problems, success will follow. To build a thriving business in any industry a business owner or entrepreneur must feel good about what he/she does. A habit of enjoying the work creates momentum and ultimately helps to build a disruptive business.

Another piece of advice that I would like to share is to get the basics of your business ecosystem ready. Things such as website, social media, pixels, lead magnet, retargeting, autoresponders. It allows you to capture leads in harmonious way. There are now numerous ways in digital marketing that can help acquire thousands of leads in a short period. Hiring a professional for a digital marketer will help the business reduce the cost of advertising and get more return on investment. 

It was great to learn some of the tips from Makarand. If you want to know more about his service or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to him via his official website:

Makarand has 2000+ subscribers on YouTube and also provides free educational content on YouTube: