Mario Maitland The Man Behind What’s Next With Rio Podcast

Mario Maitland The Man Behind What’s Next With Rio Podcast

Mario Maitland The Man Behind What’s Next With Rio Podcast

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Working on a platform to share information is not something everyone can do. There are few people who have put in the work and have built a thriving podcast. Every work we do whether it is studying, entrepreneurship or being employed, and more, requires passion and commitment. 

Meet Mario Maitland ( Rio),  Founder of What’s Next with Rio. His podcast was listed as the Top 100 Global Podcast by Silicon Valley Times magazine. Starting with the love for sharing information to receiving worldwide recognition, his journey hasn’t been easy. What’s impressive about Mario is his dedication to work hard every day on the podcast so that the audience can get genuine information that can change their life. 

Today we’re thrilled to have Mario Maitland in our media and get to know about his entrepreneurship journey. 

Hello Mario, we’re excited to have you in our media. Please tell our audience what you do and why you do it. 

Thank you for your invitation. I’m happy to be here and share with your audience what I know. I’m the host of the  What’s Next With Rio podcast where I interview leading people in their respective fields. The main idea of the podcast is to connect normal individuals with inspiring people who are making a difference. I take notes of the comments and questions from my audience and find an ideal individual who is the best to answer them. 

Rather than inviting top leaders and talking about their expertise, my podcast invites people who can answer the audience’s questions. I want to have a conversation and give my guests the opportunity to tell their stories. Everybody has got their own story, and understanding their hustle, their problems but also their dreams and passions is a gift that should be shared with the world. 

We can see a lot of advertisements, shows, and news, but what we barely find is authenticity. A real story that makes us think, change, and better ourselves. 

What were the biggest initial hurdles to podcasting and how did you overcome them?

I would say at first it was hard finding out how to do things, how to create a platform where I could interview people, what would my brand look like? How to make my interview setting feel more relaxed for my guests? That’s where I took the advantage of going to college and taking any classes that I wanted. So I signed up for a podcast class and it was a total game-changer. I mean it did wonders, it taught me the basics and I just ran with it. 

Mario Maitland The Man Behind What’s Next With Rio Podcast
Mario Maitland The Man Behind What’s Next With Rio Podcast

What is your secret that helped to build a successful podcast?

The secret is that I took action as soon as the idea came to my mind. I asked myself if this is something I can do for more than 5 years and am I passionate about this. The answer was “YES”. As soon as I had my answer, it took me no time to start. I have seen many people never become who they are or get what they want because they take years to work on their idea. 

Another thing that helped me to build a successful podcast is my growth mindset. I knew that being in a podcasting industry can be difficult but I didn’t take it as “NO”. I took classes and did all the things that helped me to go one step ahead. Many people have a mindset block and they always fear losing. Being fearless and learning every day to become better is one of the effective ways to achieve success in any field.  

What are 3 tips you can share with our readers as it relates to your industry?

  • The first tip I would give is to be a sponge, yes sounds weird right, but what I mean by this is to take in all the information you can. Be curious, ask questions in anything you do, that’s how one gets smarter. It surely has helped me in my podcast. There are multiple people that I call to talk to and ask how to do this or that. It’s something I live by. I’m someone who is very curious about almost anything in life. I want to know everything from the smallest things like why do dogs have wet noses to the biggest and most complicated things like what determines what dreams a person has when he or she sleeps? As you can see curiosity can bring you far. 
  • Another tip is to be original, don’t follow someone else’s idea or try to take someone else’s idea either. I believe that everyone has a specific gift that they were born with. If we try to copy or emulate someone else it will only limit us to what we’re truly destined for. 
  • My last tip is to take advantage of the opportunity. When opportunity hits you, TAKE It, it’s okay if it might not be what you want or maybe you’re scared or unsure. Well, it’s okay to try stuff and if it’s not for you, it will only lead you closer to what is truly meant for you.